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Broad Street: A new production company battles gender inequality in Hollywood

Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas have formed Broad Street Pictures to create more roles for women, both in front of and behind the camera

Sundance 2016: 'The Birth of a Nation' breaks festival record with $17.5 million sale

Fox Searchlight, which also distributed "12 Years a Slave," picked up the historical drama, which tells the story of Nat Turner's slave uprising of 1831.

Abe Vigoda, actor who outlived several erroneous obits, dies at 94

Vigoda, who played the over-the-hill detective Phil Fish in "Barney Miller" and a doomed Mafia soldier in "The Godfather," died Tuesday at age 94, years after erroneous reports of his death.

Foals: From playing house parties to selling out arenas

The British band's lead singer, Yannis Philippakis, talks about why they love playing live. On the horizon: the Coachella Music Festival.

How the Motion Picture Academy plans to move past #OscarsSoWhite

The Academy recently announced a plan to double its number of women and diverse members by 2020. But are those goals aggressive enough?

'The Big Short' producers on making the financial crisis a 'cinematic experience'

Producers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner took home the top honor at the Producers Guild of America awards, making "The Big Short" an Oscars favorite.

Professional football and the Polynesian pipeline

It's known as the Polynesian Pipeline, the route that leads large numbers of men from Samoa, Tonga and Hawai'i into the NFL. Is it exploitation or a luck break?

From candy to juleps, Persians left imprint on many edible delights

With sanctions lifting, Iran is open for trade again. You might not realize we've been consuming the fruits of trade with Persians for centuries — in the names used for many common foods.

Museum workers face fines and dismissal for scratching King Tut mask

After a botched repair job of the famed pharaoh's beard left scratches on his burial mask, Egyptian prosecutors have ordered eight museum workers to a disciplinary court for "gross negligence."

'SNL' parodies diversity at the Oscars and Sarah Palin

Tina Fey brought back her impression of the former Alaska governor. "SNL" also parodied this year's all-white Oscar nominees in a mock award show sketch.

LA’s first Run to Remember happening Sunday: Routes, street closures and more

The event, modeled after Boston's Run to Remember in honor of public safety and first responders, begins at The Grove and includes a half marathon and 10K route.

Sundance 2016: How it opens the door to more diversity in Hollywood

So far this year there's been discussion of the Oscars' diversity problem, some new security measures at screenings and lots of television.

How 'X-Files' composer Mark Snow accidentally created its theme song

The "X-Files" composer initially didn't think much of the theme music that came about after he accidentally lowered his elbow onto his keyboard.

5 fun facts to spice up your National Hot Sauce Day

There's a quirky holiday so, of course, the Internet is celebrating with GIFs, hashtags, lists and more factoids than you ever knew you needed to know about hot sauce.

John Cale of Velvet Underground fame re-imagines 'Music for a New Society'

The musician and producer was asked to perform his 1982 album in concert, which led to him revisiting and updating the original recording.

Film academy pledges to double minority, female members

The announcement follows a weeklong storm of criticism and calls for an Oscar boycott after academy members nominated an all-white slate of actors for the second year in a row.