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Bettye LaVette covers James Brown at the Hollywood Bowl

Tonight at the Hollywood Bowl, the late James Brown will be remembered with a series of covers by artists like Aloe Blacc, D'Angelo and Take Two's guest, Bettye LaVette.

Lauren Bacall: A legend beyond acting, beyond Bogart

A Tony Award-winning actress. A National Book Award-winning author. A giant of fashion. A friend of the Kennedys. One of the last survivors of Hollywood's studio age.

Lauren Bacall dies in NY; Golden-Age star was 89

Oscar-winning actress Lauren Bacall has died after a stroke. She dominated the screen and stage for decades after rising to prominence in the 1940s.

How to talk like a marbles player

The game of marbles might seem simple, but behind it is an extensive vocabulary. Here's everything you need to know to talk like a mibster.

Kasem children worry after reports body could be moved to Europe

Danny Deraney, a publicist for Kasem's daughter Kerri, told The Associated Press in an email Tuesday that Kasem's children are discussing their next steps with authorities.

The Roommates: the joys and horrors of cohabitation

In just a few weeks, college freshmen will move into their dorm rooms and begin a new chapter in the way they live: cohabitating with a roommate.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Laura Mvula, Muhsinah, Ed Motta and more

Joining us this week are Oliver Wang from and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.

Paralympian shares memories of Robin Williams

Robin Williams will be remembered not only for his stellar sense of humor and his brilliant performances, but also for his big heart -- and for being a real team player.

Robin Williams' death being investigated as suicide

Oscar-winner Robin Williams, whose free-form comedy and adept impressions dazzled audiences for decades, has died in an apparent suicide, the AP reports. He was 63.

Belfast actor dies after 'Game of Thrones' debut

Actor J.J. Murphy was cast to portray Ser Denys Mallister, the oldest member of the Night's Watch military order, and started filming scenes last week. He died Friday at his home at 86.

'Life After Manson' chronicles one follower's journey

Forty five years ago this week, the Manson family brutally murdered seven people, including actress Sharon Tate, who was eight and a half months pregnant at the time. Among Charles Manson's followers was a 21-year-old woman named Patricia Krenwinkle. She recently opened up in a documentary called "Life After Manson."

Teen Choice Awards: Woodley, Elgort among winners

Demi Lovato kicked off the Teen Choice Awards with a performance and a win for choice summer song and choice female summer music star.

#rubberduckLA: Have you spotted this big duck?

Is it art or is it just a big yellow duck? A Dutch artist's giant "Rubber Duck" is being teased ahead of a planned appearance at the Tall Ships Festival LA.

Fans ask #WheresGamora in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' merch

"Guardians of the Galaxy" stormed multiplexes with its Star Warsian vibe, but if you want to pick up some merch, there's less of it for the film's female lead Gamora.

Aubrey Plaza talks 'Life After Beth' and the zombie rom-com

The actor and comedienne appears in "Life After Beth," as a young woman who actually comes back from the dead as a flesh-eating zombie -- thus perhaps giving life to an all-new genre: The zombie rom-com.

Actor Brendan Gleeson discusses 'Calvary'

Stories of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church have become unfortunately all too common, and the crimes can often go unpunished in the real world. However, one victim of abuse at the hands of a priest decides to take his revenge in the film "Calvary," and reveals his intentions to a priest during confession.