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Cats and dogs partying like animals in ugly holiday sweaters

Television ushered the ugly sweater in and out in the 1980s. Then kids got in on the act and now, pets have nosed their way in.

Triumphant return for Cuban baseball defectors Puig, Abreu

The major leagues and Cuban baseball have been moving to rebuild ties since Presidents Obama and Castro declared that they would re-establish diplomatic relations.

LL Cool J back for fifth straight year as Grammy host

The Recording Academy announced Wednesday that the rap artist and actor will be the master of ceremonies for the fifth consecutive year.

The best-case scenario: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

After all the hype and all the talk and all the guessing, the bottom line is pretty simple: "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is a really good movie.

'The Long Christmas Dinner': An opera for before, not during, your feast

Marc Haefele reviews the first English recording of the short opera "The Long Christmas Dinner," by Paul Hindemith and Thornton Wilder.

Taylor Orci feels the power of sewing her own wedding dress

Couture is all about the dress fitting the body, not the body fitting the dress. By teaching myself how to sew, I now had this power over my clothes I never had before. I didn't have to worry about my irregular butt or my chest that is Jr. High-level small.

Will Smith takes on Hollywood's diversity problem, NFL's concussion issue

In "Concussion," Will Smith was terrified to play a doctor who took on the NFL. But as a parent, Smith also felt "impelled" to take part in the conversation.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' takes flight with huge LA premiere

Last night’s world premiere of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" may have tied up traffic in Hollywood, but make no mistake — this was truly an intergalactic event.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' premiere crowd cheers for familiar faces

The VIP audience at "The Force Awakens" world premiere began cheering from the moment the movie's first words appeared on screen, with special enthusiasm for the return of Han Solo and Chewbacca after a 32-year hiatus.

How anesthesia led Mary Steenburgen to the accordion

When "The Last Man on Earth" actress underwent surgery at the age of 54, she awoke with a strange desire to learn and write music.

This year's Black List celebrates good writing, but shows Hollywood's diversity problem

Generated by an anonymous group of industry executives, the annual list is a compilation of the best unproduced scripts making the rounds of Hollywood this past year.

'Star Wars' force is strong on grocery and drug store shelves

"The Force Awakens" is expected to set box office records, and it's probably already set a record for merchandise tie-ins.

TV's challenge for 2016: Taking immigrant stories to the next level

It's been delightful to see so many immigrant coming-of-age stories in American pop culture this year, but it's also time to leave the Immigrant Kid Handbook behind.

'Make Room for Daddy' star Marjorie Lord dies at 97

Lord was best known as Danny Thomas' loyal wife on the popular sitcom that first aired in 1953.

ArcLight Cinemas: Leave your lightsaber at home for 'Star Wars'

ArcLight Cinemas sent out an email about the theater's safety policies, noting items that won't be allowed including masks, face paint and, most likely, lightsabers.

Slideshow: Krampus brings the dark side of Christmas to LA

Off-Ramp contributor Robert Garrova spoke with Krampus L.A.’s Al Ridenour to learn more about this Christmas boogeyman.