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White ‘Straight Oughta Compton’ writers talk #OscarsSoWhite

Co-writers Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff talk about putting recent history on the big screen, #OscarsSoWhite and how to write about police brutality.

Harper Lee, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' author, has died at 89

Harper Lee wrote about racial injustice in the South through the eyes of a child protagonist in the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

Why 'Trumbo' is actually a thriller: Writer John McNamara on Hollywood

Writer John McNamara talks the Hollywood blacklist, the Oscars and more. "The nice thing about Musso and Frank is the waiters who are rude to you were rude to F. Scott Fitzgerald."

Free weekend? 8 fun and almost-free things to do

If you see a gaggle of pantless people running through the streets of downtown L.A. this weekend, don't be alarmed. Here's everything you need to know.

Can Sarah Jones' death save lives on film and TV sets?

It's been two years since the young camera assistant was killed on the set of "Midnight Rider." Her parents, Richard and Elizabeth Jones, are working to improve safety on sets.

'The Witch': Real and fairytale worlds converge in Robert Eggers' dark directorial debut

The film's writer-director joined us to talk about his childhood nightmares and the blurred lines between reality and fantasy in 17th century New England.

'Placas': How a former MS-13 gang member inspired a play about starting over

The Mara Salvatrucha gang has roots in L.A. and El Salvador and now a new play addresses the story of gang members who want a second chance.

The history and magic behind one of Hollywood's oldest restaurants

KPCC's Patt Morrison waxes poetic and historic on Musso & Frank Grill, a Hollywood hangout for legends like Dalton Trumbo, William Faulkner and others.

LACMA gets the 'Big Lebowski' house

You may know it as the posh Malibu pad owned by Jackie Treehorn in "The Big Lebowski." The modernist masterpiece designed by architect John Lautner now belongs to LACMA. Owner Jim Goldstein donated the home to the museum.

Did bad marketing keep 'Chi-Raq' out of the Oscars?

MTV's chief film critic argues that Spike Lee's latest was the best film of the year, though you won't see it at the Academy Awards this year.

M. Ward breaks down some tracks from his new album, 'More Rain'

The singer-songwriter talks about the inspiration behind the tracks "More Rain," "Slow Driving Man" and "Girl From Conejo Valley."

Academy sues over risqué Oscars gift bags

Don't be confused. Those gift bags filled with vibrators, vapes and a "vampire breast lift" have no connection to the Oscars. The Academy is suing the marketing company behind the "unwholesome" campaign.

God is dead: David Javerbaum quits @TheTweetOfGod

Javerbaum worked on "The Daily Show" for 11 years and was the voice behind Twitter's @TheTweetOfGod, which has over 2 million followers. After more than five years, he's quitting.

Actor Edward Gero reflects on portraying Justice Antonin Scalia on stage

Gero spent a year studying Scalia for "The Originalist," a play by John Strand that was produced last year at Arena Stage in Washington D.C.

Mark Ronson takes home Record of the Year Grammy for 'Uptown Funk'

The producer breaks down his smash hit, which features a vocal by Bruno Mars and contributions from Jeff Bhasker, who was named Producer of the Year.

Eagles of Death Metal perform in Paris for attack survivors

The SoCal rock band performed Tuesday at a highly charged Paris concert filled with fans who survived a terrifying massacre and siege at their last Paris show.