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8 fun and almost-free things to do this weekend

Let's get out, people. How about festive fun followed by adorable dogs and kombucha on tap? Here's everything you need to know.

Is video-on-demand the way to go for Sony's 'The Interview?'

If the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy never makes it into theaters, one option for the studio is to take it directly into viewers' homes.

Is 'The Interview' movie really worth all this drama?

Two critics who have seen the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy offer their thoughts on the film and the possibility of a chilling effect in Hollywood.

Creative Spaces: Ben Noam feels a sense of freedom outdoors

The L.A.-based artist uses Elysian Park as his creative space, where he collects plant matter for his paintings and finds inspiration in the open space.

Ralph Fiennes: 'Working with Wes Anderson was a dream job'

The actor has always wanted to work with the director of "Grand Budapest Hotel" and, as a result, it's nabbed Fiennes some award nominations.

Colbert Countdown: Back to the beginning with Colbert's first head writer

Allison Silverman, a former executive producer of "The Colbert Report," talks about the many challenges that came along with creating the show.

$10 million in stolen Los Angeles art recovered

Authorities have recovered $10 million worth of art — including paintings by Chagall and Diego Rivera — that were stolen in one of Los Angeles' largest art heists.

Everything you need to know about 'The Interview' in 4 minutes

New York Magazine's Abraham Riesman was one of the lucky few to see "The Interview" before Sony Pictures cancelled its release. Here's his synopsis.

Colbert replacement Larry Wilmore's body of work

Colbert will be replaced by longtime "The Daily Show" correspondent Larry Wilmore, an actor and stand-up comedian who has written for TV for decades, on "The Nightly Show."

Colbert Countdown: Was Stephen Colbert the most trusted name in news?

The University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center found that "Colbert Report" viewers know more about campaign finance than viewers of any other news source.

Sony hack: Judd Apatow blasts Sony for pulling 'The Interview'

The prolific comedy filmmaker discusses his fears and frustrations with how the fallout from "The Interview" has been handled.

Actor Stephen Collins admits to inappropriate sexual contact with underage girls

He wrote in a statement to PEOPLE that he has "not had an impulse to act out in any such way" in the last 20 years.

Why Angelina Jolie chose Japanese rock star Miyavi for 'Unbroken'

When the director was casting the role of the POW camp commander, she wanted an actor who could walk into a huge crowd and own the place. Somebody like a rock star.

Poll Results: Listeners pick favorite albums of 2014

The results are in! St. Vincent's self-titled album was by far the most popular record in our listener poll for the best music of 2014. On this week's show we count down the Top 25.

Colbert Countdown: Stephen Colbert — 'Lord of the Rings' geek

"Rings" filmmaker Peter Jackson has said Colbert is one of the biggest Tolkien experts. And don't even get him started on "Star Wars."

Sony hack: Sony tells theaters they can pull 'The Interview'

Sony has told theater chains that it will release them from any obligations to screen the film following a threat from hackers that invoked 9/11.