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24-hour Memorial Day vigil honors Latino veterans

This is the seventh year for the day-long vigil at cinco Puntos. "If you're a Latino veteran, this place is sort of hallowed ground for the region," Rick Coca says.

How one rapper is confronting Asian stereotypes with an eye-popping music video

The effects-heavy music video for "Safe" finds L.A. rapper Dumbfounded replacing white actors in more than a dozen popular movies and TV shows.

Sterling Gates brings TV 'Supergirl's' optimistic tone to comics

In a week where Captain America turned out to be a double agent and "Rebirth" caused a major upheaval in DC Comics, there's at least one comic focused squarely on hope: "The Adventures of Supergirl."

Film production in South Africa creates a boon and a dilemma for local actors

With South Africa increasingly attracting all manner of film and TV production, local actors find it hard to get work that pays well or allows them to play South Africans.

Greg Kalleres' play, 'Honky,' targets racism in advertising and in our culture at-large

The play revolves around an advertising copywriter who’s afraid a commercial that he wrote led to a fatal encounter between two black teens over a pair of sneakers.

Netflix is the exclusive home to Disney films starting in September

The streaming service will have the exclusive rights to stream Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Animation Studios titles released in 2016 and onward.

Aziz Ansari brings 'genuine' diversity to 'Master of None'

"Master of None" co-creators Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang aren't thrilled with Hollywood's tendency to cast straight, white male leading roles.

Birdwatching with Los Angeles noise band Xiu Xiu

The critically acclaimed band's latest record reinterprets the songs from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. But when he isn’t touring, writing or recording, frontman Jamie Stewart grabs binoculars and goes birdwatching.

From 'Ghostbusters' to 'The BFG': What's coming to your cineplex this summer?

With summer season, the tendency is toward bigger, louder movies that creep earlier and earlier. How do we navigate the daunting list of sequels, blockbusters and quirky comedies?

9 things to do in SoCal this Memorial Day weekend

Slather on some SPF and soak up the fun during a three-day weekend filled with taffy, scenic hikes, killer crafts, festivals, outdoor screenings and more.

San Fermin brings classical music to the pop music world

Ellis Ludwig-Leone is the composer behind the New York band and he brings his classical music training into arranging indie rock music.

'Love & Friendship': Kate Beckinsale says 18th Century was 'unbearably horrible for women'

The actress discusses how her role in "Love & Friendship" reveals the bravery of Jane Austen and the plight of women from a certain age.

A trio of sibling singers reunite after 20 years to keep a family tradition alive

Gabriel, Martha and Claudia González performed together as kids in the '70s, but their individual musical careers have precluded a full-blown reunion. Until now.

Unraveling the mystery that is Car Seat Headrest

Will Toledo released around a dozen albums before being signed to a record label and he's only 23. Now shifting into the spotlight, he tries to keep his real life personal.

Spotify seeks avenues for growth after $193 million loss in 2015

With about 100 million users, Spotify is the streaming music leader. While revenue is growing, so are the Swedish company's losses. Meanwhile, Apple and Tidal are looming.

DIY Film Fest: 6 time-travel flicks you'll go back to (sorry) time after time

Mix and match to build a DYI Time Travel Film Festival of your own. And remember, if you go back in time, don’t change anything!