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British singer George Michael dead at age 53

George Michael, who rocketed to stardom with WHAM! and went on to enjoy a long and celebrated solo career lined with controversies, has died.

Carrie Fisher in stable condition, says Debbie Reynolds

Reynolds tweeted Sunday that the family would share any updates on Fisher and thanked the public for its "prayers & good wishes."

'A blimp! Unorthodox, but diabolical!'

On the last day of NPR's Pop Culture Advent Calendar it's a look at the animated film "Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders" which brings Adam West and Burt Ward back together.

How that holiday song becomes an inescapable earworm

There's a reason why certain songs get stuck in our brains, scientists say. They interrupt the musical patterns we expect with surprises that we can't help but notice.

Best wishes flow in for 'Star Wars' star Carrie Fisher

The "Star Wars" star suffered medical trouble during a flight from London and was treated by paramedics immediately upon landing in Los Angeles around noon Friday, according to reports citing anonymous sources.

The 17 must-see movies of 2016

The Awards Show Show podcast hosts, Kyle Buchanan of and John Horn of The Frame make their picks for 17 films from 2016 that you must see.

David Oyelowo's crusade to tell underrepresented stories

Even for all of the progress that he’s made in his career, the British Nigerian actor knows that show business is still deeply segregated.

How do you teach actors to 'Sing' like animals?

How do you teach actors to sing like animals? This was the veteran's task when he signed on as executive music producer for the new animated film, “Sing."

A court ruling puts veteran artists in a musical bind

The '60s act The Turtles have successfully fought a law that only gives copyright protection to songs created after 1972, but one of those decisions has just been overturned.

Offbeat specials to binge on this holiday season

The holidays are a great time to relax, connect with family and reflect on all the positive things that have happened in the past year ... but once you're done with that, what's next?

Your go-to guide for the holiday weekend in SoCal

As the city settles in to Christmas dinners and Hanukkah latkes, here are some ways to get a last-chance holiday fix — and maybe one alternative.

Dennis Lehane says he will never write about Los Angeles

Boston native Dennis Lehane likes to stick close to home for his stories, though "Live by Night" is set in Florida. He says L.A. belongs to other writers.

Voice actors: Unseen heroes of film and TV, Part II

"Voice actors are the most talented, fearless actors I have ever worked with," says Rob Paulsen. "It's not about how big your muscles are, it's about pure talent."

'The OA' drowning scenes 'really traumatized the crew'

The new Netflix series "The OA" has terrifying scenes of drowning that affected the crew and demanded that the actress, Brit Marling, tap into a deep empathy for her traumatized character.

Voice actors: The unseen heroes of film and television

From cartoons to video games to audio books: how voice actors carry a cast of characters inside their heads.

What Alex Gibney's 'Zero Days' teaches us about cyber warfare

The documentary takes audiences into the shadowy world of cyber warfare, a topic that feels more relevant than ever after Russia's alleged hack of the Democratic National Committee.