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'True Detective': KPCC’s new podcast 'Welcome to Vinci' covers season 2

We sat down with "Off-Ramp" producer Kevin Ferguson to talk about his new show "Welcome to Vinci." He'll be uncovering the show's connection with SoCal's Vernon and delving deep.

Welcome to Vinci - KPCC's new 'True Detective' podcast

We're going to do our best to fill you in on the California of True Detective — where do this season's plot lines come from? Are things really that grim and corrupt in LA politics?

'True Detective' city of Vinci has a real-life LA counterpart

In the new season of HBO's noir TV series, Colin Farrell's Det. Ray Velcoro works for the fictional city of Vinci, a city with a lot of secrets. We take a look at its real-life inspiration.

'The Wolfpack' brothers go from captivity to making movies

Finally freed from their family's apartment, the movie-obsessed brothers of "The Wolfpack" reflect on life after starring in the documentary.

Marc Maron tells us 'WTF' is with him interviewing the president

We have the first interview with Marc Maron after he interviewed the president. He tells us what the deal is and what kind of laughs he got from the Secret Service.

The rise of EDM and the perils of being a DJ in 'Eden'

Electronic dance music is a huge worldwide industry, but the film "Eden" tells what it's like to be there for the genre's rise and the personal costs involved.

Brian Williams' opens up on 'Today' show

The anchorman opened up on the "Today" show Friday about the scandal that virtually ended his career.

Free weekend? 9 fun and almost-free things to do

Live jazz, a night of funk, Santa Monica's Thai Fest and a pool party at The Roosevelt round out the weekend. Here's everything you need to know.

California lawmakers work to keep film scoring work in the state

It's not just runaway film production anymore — more and more California musicians are seeing their work go out-of-state or overseas.

How 'Inside Out' was made, according to the Pixar team

In “Inside Out,” Pixar had to create a place where no one had ever been before: the mind of an 11-year-old girl. That meant researching how a real brain actually works.

NBC moves Brian Williams from 'Nightly News' to MSNBC

Lester Holt, who has been subbing for Williams since the suspension, will take over as full-time host of "Nightly News."

Watch: Schwarzenegger terrifies unsuspecting fans ... for charity

Schwarzenegger made a surprise appearance on the streets of Hollywood as the Terminator, terrifying tourists at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum by coming to life during their selfie shots.

10 free music concerts to see this summer

Why pay for music concerts when you can see them for free? From hip hop to Chicano rock, here are 10 acts you don't want to miss.

Many critics love Pixar's 'Inside Out.' Not this guy.

Everybody loves Pixar movies. Everybody loves 'Inside Out,' its newest movie. Everybody except Off-Ramp contributor R.H. Greene.

Infinitely Polar Bear: Mark Ruffalo plays a bipolar dad

Maya Forbes told us about her new film "Infinitely Polar Bear" and her own experiences growing up with a father struggling with bipolar disorder, and being "unidentifiably black."

Ryn Weaver faces Internet backlash while learning to be a pop star

Musician Ryn Weaver came out of nowhere with her hit "OctaHate," and her rapid rise to prominence has forced her to quickly learn how to deal with criticism.