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Marc Maron talks resentment and how everything could go wrong

"There's still part of me that's like, 'Why am I not Kanye?' I don't understand why I don't have that notoriety and that popularity."

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: George Miller’s dystopian action epic aims to blow your mind

The 70-year-old filmmaker helmed the 1979 original, and now he's back with a new chapter that utilizes old-fashioned stunts for the non-stop action.

Upfronts: 7 hot new shows from ABC, NBC and Fox

From old franchises like "The Muppets" (now updated to include marijuana jokes) to... a bunch of shows trying to copy other shows or using nostalgia.

Cannes 2015 preview: The 6 most anticipated films

From Pixar's "Inside Out" to Matthew McConaughey's highly-anticipated indie film, we break down the most buzzed about films from the Cannes Film Festival 2015.

New music from Snoop Dogg, Django Django and more

Shirley Halperin joins A Martinez to talk about music on Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. This week, Snoop Dogg, Django Django and more.

ACLU calls for civil rights probe into Hollywood hiring of female directors

The ACLU is asking federal and California civil rights agencies to investigate what it calls "the systemic failure" to hire female directors in the entertainment industry.

Inside Chris Burden's 'Metropolis II' at LACMA

Alison Walker was a studio assistant to Chris Burden and is now the LACMA conservator for his kinetic sculpture, "Metropolis II." We go inside the art piece with her.

How do Morrissey's songs sound in Spanish? Pretty great

Mexicans love Morrissey. So much so that a group of Mexican artists have come together to pay tribute to the Smiths and their front man, Morrissey.

'Late Late Show' bandleader Reggie Watts brings improv, chaos to 'crisp' late show model

"Part of the reason why I left 'Comedy Bang Bang,' was the hours. It was like 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and it was just crazy."

Chris Burden: Remembering the LA artist behind LACMA's street lamps

Christopher Knight, art critic for the L.A. Times, guides us from Burden's confrontational early work to his crowd-pleasing "Urban Light" at LACMA.

NFL suspends Brady 4 games for deflated footballs

The NFL also indefinitely suspended the two equipment staffers who carried out the plan, including one who called himself "The Deflator."

Freemasons: Fake lodges are springing up, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z are to blame

Freemason Christopher Hodapp believes that celebrities are driving up genuine interest in the Freemasons, especially among millennials and African-Americans.

Fox calling an end to 'American Idol'

The network announced Monday that the show that pioneered the music competition genre will go off the air after its 15th season next spring.

LA artist Chris Burden dies at 69

Conceptual artist Chris Burden, known in part for for the 'Urban Light' sculpture outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has died, the museum said Sunday. He was 69.

Taking mom out for brunch? It's a feminist tradition

The right to dine out in public alone during the day was an early victory of the women's rights movement of the 1900s. And in post-war America, brunch became an exercise in women's lib for some.

'Stairway to Heaven' copyright lawsuit moving to LA

A judge in Philadelphia has moved the lawsuit alleging that Led Zeppelin lifted the intro in "Stairway to Heaven" from the band Spirit to Los Angeles.