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Central Valley composer imagines 'Water (less) Music'

Composer draws on poetry about water and drought to create an orchestral work to be performed at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

This is what happens when Skid Row actors adapt Aristophanes

A new play opening this weekend features a cast drawn from the shelters and recovery programs in downtown L.A.'s Skid Row area.

Free weekend? 9 fun and almost-free things to do

We're hitting the streets for a weekend filled with flavorful beer, free music, food trucks and fireworks. Here's everything you need to know.

Coroner confirms James Horner's death, rules it accidental

The cause of Horner's death was blunt force trauma from the crash, said the Ventura County Deputy Medical Examiner Thursday.

Jazz musician Kamasi Washington on making 'The Epic'

The saxophonist and composer's new album, "The Epic," is a three-disc recording that's a showcase for L.A.'s current jazz scene.

Oxford English Dictionary adds new words, explains 'twerk'

The OED unveils some modern coinage and explains a Supreme Court justice's choice of words.

After Ben Affleck scandal, PBS postpones 'Finding Your Roots'

The show came under fire after leaked emails revealed that the actor pressured show staff to hide the fact that one of his ancestors owned slaves.

To a critic of women's sports, Amy Poehler asks 'really!?!'

Unfortunately for Sports Illustrated analyst Andy Benoit, two people who noticed his dismissal of the Women's World Cup were Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers.

Cheers, bouquets for Misty Copeland at her 'Swan Lake' debut

It was a key moment for the popular ballerina who many hope will soon become American Ballet Theater's first black principal dancer.

One of James Horner's final collaborators pays tribute to the composer

Patricia Riggen directed "The 33," one of the last films the iconic composer worked on, and she remembers what made him such a special collaborator.

Tim Minchin on adapting Roald Dahl's 'Matilda' for the stage

Multi-talented artist Tim Minchin strung together various gigs for several years before he was asked to write music and lyrics for the stage adaptation of "Matilda."

Smokey: A cult-favorite glam-rock act from the '70s gets a revival

John "Smokey" Condon and EJ Emmons couldn't get a record deal in the 1970s. But their music is being released by a label interested in gay bands from the era.

Oscar-winning 'Titanic' composer James Horner dead at 61

People who fueled the plane at an airport in Camarillo confirmed that it was Horner who had taken off in the aircraft Monday morning, said Horner's attorney, Jay Cooper.

JiHAE's new album, Illusion of You, explores honesty, love

The new album from JiHAE features a sultry rendition of a Leonard Cohen poem and collab with Eurythmics' Dave Stewart but the sound is entirely her own.

Will Butler of Arcade Fire breaks down his song, 'Anna'

Will Butler of Arcade Fire sat down with Hrishikesh Hirway for the Song Exploder podcast to dissect "Anna," featured on Butler's solo album, "Policy."

Dolphin's of Hollywood: Story of a landmark record store hits the stage

Dolphin's was one of L.A.'s first African-American-owned record stores, founded by the innovator John Dolphin. A hit stage musical tells the story.