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Tuesday Reviewsday: Mariachi El Bronx, Damien Rice and more

This week on Tuesday Reviewsday, Steve Hochman and Justino Aguila talk about new albums from Ximena Sariñana, Damien Rice, Mariachi El Bronx and more.

Why Del Toro, Cuarón and Iñárritu used MoMA to slam the Mexican government

Speaking with KPCC's The Frame, the Mexican-born filmmaker explained a joint statement from him and countrymen Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro González Iñárritu.

The Frame 'First': Geena Davis on shooting her first film, 'Tootsie'

Another Frame 'First': Geena Davis talks about not knowing what to do on the set of "Tootsie," the first movie she was cast in.

For dyslexics, a font and a dictionary that are meant to help

A designer who has dyslexia has created a font to avoid confusion and add clarity. And two English researchers are making a dictionary.

The Frame 'First': Jon Stewart on his first time bombing on stage

He's known as the witty talk show host of "The Daily Show," but his comedic chops weren't always as sharp, especially during his debut as a stand-up comic.

Christopher Nolan: 'Interstellar' is 'my most aggressive attempt' at a family blockbuster

The writer-director says his sci-fi drama is inspired by everything from "Star Wars" to Steven Spielberg films to "2001: A Space Odyssey."

LA Opera's doubleheader 'like Bambi Meets Godzilla'

"Dido & Aeneas" and "Bluebeard's Castle" create an enjoyable evening together by being a welcome departure from L.A. Opera’s chestnut repertory.

KPCC expands arts and entertainment coverage with 'The Frame'

Writer-director Christopher Nolan is a guest on today's debut as we aim to cover more of the film, TV, music and art world that makes L.A. special.

On The Lot: Miyazaki retires and Disney rules the box office

It's time for "On The Lot," our weekly peek behind the scenes in Hollywood. Alex Cohen speaks with Rebecca Keegan, who covers the film business for the LA Times.

AFI Fest: 'It Follows' offers artful take on slasher genre

As in the classic films of its type, "It Follows," by filmmaker David Robert Mitchell, is at its scariest when it suggests the real monster ... is us.

Is America ready to fall in love with the telenovela?

The CW took a big risk when it adapted a Venezuelan telenovela for American prime time, now Jane The Virgin is being renewed for a second season.

'Occupy the Farm': In Berkeley, the revolution will be irrigated

A new documentary film follows protesters who occupied a research farm owned by the University of California. The film has become a symbol of the subversive possibilities of urban farming.

AFI Fest: Tommy Lee Jones directs haunted, worthy Western 'The Homesman'

"The Homesman" is solid, disturbing stuff for the most part, and a film that lingered in my mind far longer than many a more perfect creation ever could.

'Serial': The hottest podcast with the most spot-on parodies

The "Serial" podcast is all that the media-obsessed can think about right now. Here's why, along with a look at the best "Serial" parodies.

National parks are free on Veterans Day

America’s national parks will offer free admission on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, to celebrate those who have served in the United States military.

Herbie Hancock: Monk Competition proves future of jazz in safe hands

The jazz legend is chairman of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz. The group's annual competition — this year for trumpeters — wraps up this weekend in Los Angeles