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6 fun and almost-free things to do this weekend

Put a bird on it because it's going to be a good one. Did we mention? Sunday is Duran Duran Day. Here's everything you need to know.

Landon Donovan says he'll retire after season

The LA Galaxy forward is widely considered the best soccer player in American history. The 32-year-old Donovan is the top goal-scorer in MLS history and a five-time league champion.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Shabazz Palaces, Common, James Brown, Fonseca and Viento Callejero

Joining A Martinez in studio this week is Justino Aguila, Associate Editor of Latin at Billboard Magazine and Oliver Wang from

KPCC airs 4 favorite shows again at 9 pm

Here is the new schedule for weeknights at 9 p.m., which replaces "Tell Me More," a show that NPR chose to cancel this summer.

Can't catch LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl? Listen on KUSC.

KUSC will be broadcasting the concerts every Sunday night through mid-October, and they'll make the recordings available for online streaming for up to a week. See the full schedule.

Chef grills steak, volcano-style, with molten lava

After Sam Bompas roasted marshmallows over lava at a volcano in Japan, he wanted to recreate the experience. So he asked a geologist and sculptor who'd built an artificial volcano to host a barbecue.

Women in film: Latinas more likely to appear nude, study says

A study of the top 100 grossing films in 2013, by USC's Annenberg school, found that women and minorities continue to be underrepresented and Latinas sexualized on screen.

How one musician crowdfunded her music career from Kansas

For years, musician Kawehi struggled to succeed in LA, so eventually she moved to Kansas. That's when things started to change for the better for her career.

Rappers, anything you can spit can be used against you

A lot of rappers glorify crime in their music. Sometimes, lyrics that appear to boast about crimes can lead to arrest. Should violent rap lyrics be used as an admission of guilt?

2 Bible Belt filmmakers expand box office horizons

Filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick' films have grossed nearly $80 million on four films made for less than $4 million combined. But outside the world of Christian-themed cinema, many have never heard of their films.

Google's quest to build a universal typeface

Google recently announced a font family, Noto, that aims to include all the world's written languages. But it may prove to be an even more ambitious effort than self-driving cars.

Writer/director James Gunn on Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

A Martinez speaks with James Gunn, the director/writer of "Guardians of the Galaxy" about what it was like creating the biggest movie of the summer.

Grant Morrison explores 52 universes in DC Comics' 'Multiversity'

Morrison's new project, "The Multiversity," has been in the works for almost a decade and explores big idea metacommentary on the DC Comics universe and our own world.

Gender bending in film and television casting (Poll)

This week, NBC announced its upcoming Peter Pan production will continue the tradition of casting an actress in the lead, this time HBO Girls' Allison Williams.

'Alive Inside' doc shows how music can combat Alzheimers and dementia

The documentary, filmed over a series of years, follows a social worker on his quest to give life and humanity back to nation's elders who are living out their days in sterile, institutional nursing homes.

8 fun and almost-free things to do this weekend

As you tackle your last few hours of work, start thinking about how much fun you're going to have drinking beer, creating a tiny museum and eating endless bacon.