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Complete Unknown

Jason Robinette

Rachel Weisz shifts identities in Joshua Marston's 'Complete Unknown'


Weisz's character is a bit of a rolling stone in the film — she is constantly reinventing her identity at the expense of her personal relationships.

MTV Video Music Awards Beyonce

How cord cutting is wreaking havoc on big events like the Olympics, VMAs


From April to June of this year, more than 800,000 subscribers canceled their traditional TV plans, and that's changing the way advertisers and networks approach their biggest events.

Grammy award-winning Tejano music superstar Selena, who was killed in 1995 when she was 23 years old.

Nearly 10,000 Selena fans finally get their wish


Twenty-one years ago today, Selena's album "Dreaming of You" came out. At the time, the release was bittersweet-- the Tejano singer/songwriter and fashion icon didn't live to see her crossover album hit the airwaves.

'He never was from this place': 'Wonka' writer on Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder was known for his comedic work in films such as "Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein." But perhaps his most memorable role was Willy Wonka.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Frank Ocean, Vince Staples and Noname

Oliver Wang from and A Martinez talk about Frank Ocean, Vince Staples and Noname

SoCal fans mourn iconic singer Juan Gabriel

In Southern California, fans of the Mexican singer Juan Gabriel are remembering a towering figure who transcending pop music to become a cultural icon for millions.

'Don't Breathe' director Fede Alvarez: 'I want to be terrified of what I’m going to do next.'

The Uruguayan filmmaker has launched a successful career in the horror and thriller genre, but he wants to branch out with a bigger challenge.

Commentary: RIP Juan Gabriel, the greatest songwriter of his generation

Gabriel was 66 when he died at home this past Sunday. KPCC's education correspondent remembers the star for who he was: the greatest songwriter of his generation.

The documentary 'Equal Means Equal' explores gender inequality in America

Filmmaker Kamala Lopez spent seven years working on the film, which examines the various consequences of the U.S. Constitution's omission of explicit rights for women.

Gene Wilder, star of classics like 'Willy Wonka,' dies at 83

Wilder's nephew said Monday that the actor and writer died late Sunday at his home in Stamford, Connecticut, from complications from Alzheimer's disease.

'This is a gift': Danny Trejo reflects on career, new film

Danny Trejo has been a boxer, inmate, drug intervention counselor, restaurateur, and actor. He's now taking on a role he's never played: himself.

4 Juan Gabriel songs you should hear now

Juan Gabriel was a master craftsman of epic love songs. Some of them were pop, some of them were rock. Sometimes he sang with a mariachi, sometimes with a full blown orchestra.

The real Bob Ross: Meet the meticulous artist behind those happy trees

Don't be fooled by his mild PBS persona; the beloved painter was actually an exacting artist and businessman with — brace yourself — naturally straight hair.

Chinatown's Hop Louie isn't closing — but its kitchen is

You come to the iconic joint with its pagoda entrance for dim lighting, a divey atmosphere, a sense of history and to drink.

RIP Juan Gabriel, Mexican superstar singer

Mexican singer Juan Gabriel the singer has died Sunday at age 66. He played his last major show Friday night at the Forum in Inglewood.

Motorhead's Lemmy gets a life-size statue

The hard-living Motorhead frontman who died has been honored with a life-size, bronze statue at his favorite LA bar.