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Why you won't win Warren Buffett's billion-dollar bracket

The billionaire investor has teamed up to offer a $1 billion prize to anyone who picks the winner of all 63 games of the NCAA basketball tournament. Chances are he won't have to pay out.

TV dance next for snowboarder Amy Purdy after Paralympic bronze

American snowboarder Amy Purdy had a strenuous routine in Sochi — on the mountain in the morning, then dancing at night.

In 'Grand Piano,' Elijah Wood feels the pressure of a world-class pianist

In his latest film, Elijah Wood plays a famous concert pianist named Tom Selznick who retires after botching a notoriously difficult piece of music known as La Cinquette, written by his mentor a piano legend named Patrick Godureaux.

Free weekend? 8 fun and almost-free things to do

Not into pub crawls with green beads, beards and brews? Cool. We really aren't either. It'll be another hot and sunny weekend, so bring out the sandals and shades.

'Veronica Mars' cast reunion kicks off TV's PaleyFest

The cast and creators of the Kickstarter-funded movie based on the cult 2004-'07 CW TV series will reunite in the first panel of the "ultimate TV fan festival."

Restaurant Find: Golden Owl brings Burmese street food to La Puente

There are probably thousands of Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants in L.A., but La Puente's Golden Owl is one of only a few Burmese restaurants here.

CBS announces a sweeping 18 prime-time season renewals

Top-rated CBS has renewed 18 more of its prime-time series. This on the heels of previous announcements that "The Big Bang Theory" and "Survivor" will be back.

'Veronica Mars' creator Rob Thomas aims film at newbies and fans

Speaking with Take Two's Alex Cohen, the creator of the cult TV show says he wrote the movie — opening Friday — for Kickstarter fans, as well as people who never saw the CW series.

SXSW: A conversation with French-Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux

Back now to Austin, where we're going to get some more music from South by Southwest. You might recognize French-Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux's song "1977," which was featured in the AMC series "Breaking Bad."

South African artist promotes peace on the US-Mexico border

A 23-year-old graffiti artist from South Africa is visiting the United States-Mexico border to do a mural project promoting peace. His goal is to inspire young people.

From Off-Ramp to SXSW: Mateo Stoneman, the Anglo mariachi

One thing stays the same about Mateo Stoneman through all the twists and turns of his story, from New Hampshire to prison to Olvera Street to Cuba — his musicianship.

Wake up and smell the caffeine

Journalist Murray Carpenter goes inside the big business of caffeine in his new book, "Caffeinated: How our daily habit helps, hurts, and hooks us."

Hal Douglas, the voice of many, many movie trailers, dies at 89

Douglas was the voice of, among other things, the trailers of "Con Air," "Philadelphia," "Forrest Gump," and "Lethal Weapon."

Women in Hollywood: Understanding Anne Sweeney's decision to leave Disney

Disney TV executive Anne Sweeney's decision to step off the career path came as a shock to some, but others understand her need to get closer to the creative process.

App Chat: 3D printing Oreos and spreading secrets at SXSW

Oreo, along with a couple of design companies, built a custom 3D printer that can customize frosting designs onto already baked cookies. Check out this video.

Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman on the music of 'Harmony'

Take Two recently had the chance to talk with them about their latest collaboration, a musical titled "Harmony" on now at the Ahmanson Theatre.