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Rock The Vote

Rock the Vote — motivating with music, since 1990


Rock The Vote has been motivating young voters since 1990 — with a little help from rappers, movie stars and... YouTube. How does the group stay relevant in 2016?

MusiCares Person Of The Year Tribute To Bob Dylan - Roaming Show

Bonnie Raitt wanted a career in social justice — then she fell in love with music


In advance of the tour for "Dig in Deep," Bonnie Raitt reflects on her development as a musician, the influence of B.B. King, and her passion for social activism.

Roxane Gay: the first black woman to write a Marvel comic

Take Two

In November, Marvel will expand its Black Panther property with a new series, co-written by Roxane Gay. She tells Take Two how and why she made the jump to comics

Director Paul Greengrass focuses 'Jason Bourne' on issue of cyberespionage

The filmmaker explains that it was Matt Damon who convinced him to give the Bourne character another go, nearly 10 years after the previous movie in the franchise.

AirTalk listeners' 5 top picks for most interesting camping spots

One of the greatest summer past times is camping, but with so many options in California and the Western U.S., it can be hard to narrow down the right spot to rest your tent.

You can take photos at the Getty's new 'London Calling' exhibit

The London School was radically conservative. Conservative because they didn't go with the conceptual, abstract flow. Radical because they found new ways to tell stories with landscapes and portraits.

4 summer beach movies to binge on

Our guide into the wilderness that is the streaming universe brings you the best summer beach movies to watch.

Rep. John Lewis wants his graphic novel, 'March,' to inspire young activists

The civil rights pioneer and congressman harnesses the power of comic books to bring the message of non-violent activism to a new generation.

Comic-Con: Marvel v. DC and who came out on top

The two comic book juggernauts presented their upcoming film slates, which include "Wonder Woman" and "Justice League" for DC and "Spider-Man" for Marvel.

World's best women surfers compete in US Open of Surfing

SoCal native Courtney Conlogue is in town — and she's on track to win her first women's world title this year.

Lil Wayne snuffs out performance at Cannabis Cup

The rapper was expected to play for an hour but reportedly left the stage after just four songs.

Meet your new Captain Marvel: Brie Larson

After taking a year off from Comic-Con, Marvel came back with a bang — confirming Brie Larson as the new Captain Marvel, among other announcements and reveals.

FBI returns Mayan artifacts to Guatemala

They were bought by a collector here in California who didn't know the items were stolen when he acquired them back in the 1970s.

Kenyan runners join US army — and Olympic team

A U.S. Army program allows elite athletes to join the military and train in their sport. Four Kenyan distance runners will represent America in Rio.

For these cosplayers, geeky costumes are the cat's pajamas

Cosplay has been a fixture of Comic-Con for more than a decade. Should our pets be embracing the geekery, too?

Donald Trump failed to make conventions great again

Despite the drama of a political novice accepting his party's nomination, the ratings for Trump's closing speech were just slightly higher than Mitt Romney’s in 2012.