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Claire Keane, the visual development artist for the Disney TV channel cartoon “Tangled, The Series”

Photo credit Richard Harbaugh, Photo courtesy of Disney.

Disney artist Claire Keane's connection to Rapunzel is personal


Artist and children's book author Claire Keane developed the character of Rapunzel with her dad, Disney animation legend Glen Keane, when he made “Tangled” the movie. Now she's bringing Rapunzel to TV.

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations "The Zookeepers Wife"

Niki Caro wants to 'kick the door open' for other women directors


By directing Disney's live-action "Mulan," Niki Caro will be just the fourth woman to helm a non-animated movie with a budget of more than $100 million. Her latest film is "The Zookeeper's Wife."

6 things to do in SoCal this weekend


From a day with peacocks to an interactive science expo, there's something happening to satisfy every Angeleno's niche interests.

IMDb adopts F-rating of women's contributions to movies

The online database has embraced the rating intended to highlight directing, writing and other aspects of filmmaking by women. This expands the rating's reach to the site's more than 4 million titles.

'The Americans' creators vow not to put a KGB-era Putin in the series

Although set during the height of the Cold War in the 1980s, 'The Americans' has new resonance due to recent tensions between the U.S. and Russia.

'Good Grief' & the therapy of theater

The play "Good Grief" is far from the depressing downer that we normally associate with stories about grief. There is so much, joy and celebration that sometimes you forget it’s about grief.

Box office reaches new record, but international sales flat

The box office in North America hit a record $11.4 billion, although the increase of $300 million was due largely to rising ticket prices.

'Gong Show' host Chuck Barris dies; game show creator was 87

Barris died of natural causes Tuesday at his home in Palisades, N.Y., according to publicist Paul Shefrin. Critics called Barris "The King of Schlock" or "The Baron of Bad Taste."

'Beauty and the Beast' lyricist Howard Ashman never saw the final film

Howard Ashman didn't live to see the immense cultural impact his work at Disney would ultimately have. He died of AIDS in 1991 before "Beauty and the Beast" was completed.

Drake curates a global sound for his record-breaking album 'More Life'

Drake’s new release broke the record for the most streams in a single day and is reshaping the definition of the traditional album.

Discostan DJs find their monthly shows are more 'urgent' than ever

The DJ trio known as Discostan spins vinyl records from across the Middle East, Northern African and Asia to bring the sounds of far off lands to Los Angeles.

Deborah Borda on leaving the LA Phil and why the NEA will survive

When CEO Deborah Borda came to Los Angeles in 2000, the Philharmonic was in a state of disarray. Seventeen years later, it's among the world's most prosperous symphony orchestras.

A muppet with autism joins the cast of 'Sesame Street'

Julia has bright red hair, big green eyes and she loves to draw. She can be a little shy, but Elmo and Abby Cadabby don't mind. She's voiced by Stacey Gordon, whose son is on the autism spectrum, too.

Composer Julia Adolphe turns city sounds into a symphonic poem

The young composer is already attracting national attention with her nuanced use of color and texture.

Revisiting a dark chapter for Japanese-Americans

An exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum documents the 1942 executive order that forced more than 100,000 Japanese-Americans into detention camps.

'Deidra & Laney Rob a Train' director says her leads don't need boy crushes

Her latest film, “Deidra & Laney,” is a coming-of-age story about two teenage sisters who go down an unusual path to support themselves.