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What will happen to LA's underground music scene after Oakland warehouse fire?


Emily Friedlander of Vice Media says there are underground music communities around the country and that the scene is L.A. is "very large and very active."

Nick Cave

Nick Cave doc 'One More Time With Feeling' is a touching portrait of grief and creativity


Months after the death of his son, Cave approached his friend/director Andrew Dominik with the idea to film the recording of his latest album, "Skeleton Tree."

Donald J. Trump: The video game


At least five video games starring President-elect Trump have come on the market this year. Some carry a very pro-Trump message; others are decidedly anti-Trump.

On stage and radio, Sandra Bernhard speaks her truth

Sandra Bernhard brings the raucous style of her one-woman stage shows to radio with her SiriusXM talk show "Sandyland."

Asian-American comics go from sideshow to main stage

After a year of getting sidelined in Hollywood, Asian-American comedians celebrate their first mainstage show at the popular Upright Citizens Brigade.

Repeal Day 2016 deals for Los Angeles

Bottoms up! It's Repeal Day, when we toast the end of Prohibition. To celebrate, several bars are offering drink specials.

Santa's Village hits a snag on opening day

After an 18-year closure, Santa's Village in Lake Arrowhead was set to reopen on Friday. Unfortunately, the festivities hit a snag, a force of nature even Santa Claus couldn't control: wind.

AIDS quilt comes to LA

"I think it shows not only what people went through and what was lost because we weren't listened to, but I think it shows our resilience."

Electric Bike Expo cruises into Santa Monica

Since hoverboards aren't a reality and hills are, pedal power promoters who want a little extra push say electric bikes could be the next big thing.

Trump's Treasury pick resigns from MOCA board

Businessman Steven Mnuchin has his hands full as nominee for Secretary of Treasury so he's resigning from the downtown museum's Board of Trustees.

How The Secret City became a Sunday service worshiping art

Chris Wells is a veteran of the LA theater community who created The Secret City to break down the walls between audience and performer, bring community together and worship art.

Pharrell Williams produced 'Hidden Figures' because 'it lifts women in an amazing way'

The songwriter and producer has ben branching out into films and his latest is based on the true story of three African American women at NASA in the 1960s.

Small cars, big fun. 41 years of the Greater Los Angeles Remote Control Racing Club

We visit a racetrack where the cars do thousand-foot laps in 17-seconds, cost $4,000, and are as big as a shoebox.

How Drew Struzan took iconic movie posters from ad to art

Drew Struzan was designing album covers in the 1970s when Hollywood came calling. He'd go on to create posters for some classic blockbusters, taking the idea of an ad to the level of art.

Hot dog tiaras and other '70s dinner party delicacies

A food blogger's fascination with retro entertaining pays off in a colorful volume of curious eats.

Will more HIV/AIDS stories educate TV viewers?

At a panel marking World AIDS Day, activists urged Hollywood to bring HIV/AIDS back into storylines.