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Rio Pro Surfing

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

World's best women surfers compete in US Open of Surfing

SoCal native Courtney Conlogue is in town — and she's on track to win her first women's world title this year.

BET AWARDS '14 - Show

Lil Wayne snuffs out performance at Cannabis Cup

The rapper was expected to play for an hour but reportedly left the stage after just four songs.

88th Annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon - Poolside

Meet your new Captain Marvel: Brie Larson

After taking a year off from Comic-Con, Marvel came back with a bang — confirming Brie Larson as the new Captain Marvel, among other announcements and reveals.

FBI returns Mayan artifacts to Guatemala

They were bought by a collector here in California who didn't know the items were stolen when he acquired them back in the 1970s.

Kenyan runners join US army — and Olympic team

A U.S. Army program allows elite athletes to join the military and train in their sport. Four Kenyan distance runners will represent America in Rio.

For these cosplayers, geeky costumes are the cat's pajamas

Cosplay has been a fixture of Comic-Con for more than a decade. Should our pets be embracing the geekery, too?

Donald Trump failed to make conventions great again

Despite the drama of a political novice accepting his party's nomination, the ratings for Trump's closing speech were just slightly higher than Mitt Romney’s in 2012.

Remembering 'badass' California author Carolyn See

“When I started to write, I was relatively old, and lived in California. So I was the wrong sex, wrong age, wrong coast. Luckily, I was too ignorant to know it.” -- Carolyn See

Meet DC Comics' Midnighter: Violent, sarcastic and openly gay

Midnighter and Apollo is the new series set to be released by DC comics in the fall. Writer Steve Orlando joined Take Two to discuss the future of the series.

Summer concert preview: music at LACMA

One of the best things about living in Southern California are the options we have for entertainment, especially in the summer.

Meet LA's newest Smithsonian affiliate

Opened in 1981 at Exposition Park, the California African American Museum is one of the smallest museums in a place that's becoming a renewed epicenter for Los Angeles culture.

Horror immersion tours featured in new documentary 'The Blackout Experiments'

Opening at select cinemas this weekend, "The Blackout Experiments" follows several extreme thrill seekers who participate in an "immersive horror" experience called Blackout.

'Bleak House': A tour inside Guillermo del Toro's creative man cave

The director behind "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Hellboy" owns a house filled with artifacts he has collected throughout his life, many of which will be on display at LACMA.

Comic-Con 2016: What's filling the gap as movie studios turn away

There aren't as many big movie panels at Comic-Con this year as fans are used to seeing, but there are still plenty of surprises.

10 fantastic things to do this weekend

Although you might want to stay away from certain beaches for now, there's still plenty to do inland. From free acai bowls to a zine festival, the SoCal weekend is here and it's looking pretty spectacular.

There's a rock camp for girls in southeast LA

Chicas Rockeras, an affordable rock-and-roll summer camp for girls, just launched in an often overlooked part of town.