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CinemaCon 2016: Global box office news, plus Sean Parker's Screening Room

The first day of the Las Vegas convention for movie theater owners featured some mixed news for Hollywood, as well as talk about a new, controversial method of distribution

At CinemaCon, movie theater owners face new competitors for their audiences

The exhibition model as it exists today could change as the upstart Screening Room service proposes to make new releases available in homes. Theater owners exec John Fithian says traditional venues should remain the first option for studio films.

'Confirmation' screenwriter: only Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill 'know the truth'

Susannah Grant says she and her collaborators on the HBO film agreed early on that they would remain neutral about who was telling the truth.

The Last Shadow Puppets want to disorientate their listeners

The band's new album, "Everything You've Come To Expect," reunites Alex Turner and Miles Kane after an eight-year hiatus.

Broad Museum gets a slick new app

All the cool museums are creating mobile apps of their own. What's so special about this one from the Broad — aside from a tour narrated by LeVar Burton?

Mayer Hawthorne taps into his Detroit roots on 'Man About Town'

"There's always gonna be that Detroit soul, hip-hop and Iggy Pop mentality of not giving an eff in everything that I do, but I gotta make music that I love."

'Catastrophe' embraces bad language, but nudity's too distracting

How an American comedian and an Irish actress created one of the funniest shows about the dark drama of family life.

Goodbye, Lake Wobegon: 'Prairie Home' is getting a new host

Mandolin ace Chris Thile of the bands Punch Brothers and Nickel Creek will step in as the first full-time replacement host in October.

Judge clears 'Stairway to Heaven' copyright case for trial

Led Zeppelin's iconic "Stairway to Heaven" is going to trial over a copyright dispute with the rock band Spirit over the opening notes of the song.

Making indie thriller 'The Invitation' was 'a really rough road' for director Karyn Kusama

Kusama stopped by The Frame to talk about independent filmmaking, how "The Invitation" came to her and how women have a harder time finding long careers in Hollywood.

N.W.A., Steve Miller, and others inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Despite some minor controversies, the newest class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame put on a crowd-pleasing show in Brooklyn.

'The Boss' director Ben Falcone won't let his kids watch his movies

Falcone and his wife, Melissa McCarthy, have made two R-rated films, and even though his kids appear in "The Boss," the language and material is too adult for them.

Vin Scully Avenue is now an official street

Dodger Stadium used to be at 1000 Elysian Park Ave. Now it's 1000 Vin Scully Ave. in honor of the legendary announcer, who came with the team to Los Angeles.

Meet Milton Avery, America's 'most famous unknown artist'

Milton Avery (1885-1965) was so good at color, he wowed Rothko. But he’s been criminally underrepresented in local museums. Until now.

Author Beverly Cleary turns 100 with wit, candor

Her birthday on Tuesday will be marked with a slice of carrot cake at her retirement home, where they'll show the movie "Discovering Beverly Cleary: An Oregon Art Beat."

Hunting down 'authentic ethnic food', a loaded proposition

In a new book, an NYU scholar explores how immigrants shape the American palate. He says it's time to ditch the phrase "ethnic food" — which lumps all nonwhite people and their cuisines together.