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Kings' Bob Miller retiring after 44 years as voice of LA hockey

The 78-year-old Miller plans to call the Kings' last home game on April 8 against Chicago and their regular-season finale at Anaheim the following night to end his career.

He's kind of a big deal — Will Ferrell to deliver USC grad speech

The actor/comedian is scheduled to deliver the main address at USC’s ceremony on May 12. Our burning question: Will he appear as himself, or as one of his many iconic characters?

'Big Little Lies' producer is determined to make stories about women

Bruna Papandrea’s goals are to make movies and TV shows that feature multiple complex women characters and to fix the gender imbalance in Hollywood.

How 'Ultimate Beastmaster' fits into Netflix's global strategy

The streaming service is looking to expand its global reach with a reality competition show that's being produced for six countries simultaneously.

The Binge: love, romance and Queen Elizabeth

Got some time to waste? Don't know what to do? You could catch up on some great movies or TV shows that are streaming, but where to begin?

Jean Dubuffet - at the Hammer - more pioneering than those other guys

As the 1900s closed, Jean Dubuffet's work was occluded by the likes of Pollack, De Kooning, and Rothko. They retain their pioneering prominence in the public eye, but he was more pioneer than they.

Can the Switch turn Nintendo's fanbase back on?

Nintendo's newest console promises a flexible, mobile experience unlike anything else on the market in gaming. But is that enough to make a real impact?

Women of NASA to be immortalized — in Lego form

Lego figurines of five storied female NASA pioneers will soon grace toy-store shelves. The project, proposed by a science writer, is meant to shed light on women's contributions to the space program.

Meet C-SPAN's Steve Scully, 'the most patient man on television'

C-SPAN is an easy target for ridicule, but in an increasingly polarized media climate, could this neutral and civilized network have new relevance?

Jane Kaczmarek returns to her dramatic roots in 'Long Day's Journey Into Night'

Those who know her comedic work might be surprised to see the actress in such a serious role, but at this point in her career she wants to push beyond what's expected of her.

How Raphael Saadiq is quietly keeping R&B on film, TV and the radio

The R&B musician and producer talks about his work and the wide variety of bands that influenced him from a young age — even The Carpenters.

‘Salesman’ filmmaker sees similarities between Americans and Iranians

Iranian filmmaker Asghar Fahardi won his second Academy Award with "The Salesman," a film which he says resonates with American and Iranian audiences in similar ways.

Dustin Lance Black wants 'When We Rise' to unify a divided America and inspire activism

The mini-series tells the origin of the LGBT rights movement as it emerged from San Francisco in the early 1970’s where it intersected with the civil rights, women's, and peace movements.

Tim Cogshell's DIY Film Fest: Orwell's '1984'

It’s pointless to draw too many analogies between the themes of "1984" and the zeitgeist of any given day - including today but George Orwell’s novel - in all its incarnations - has always seemed relevant to me.

On the Lot special Oscars edition: #EnvelopeGate, #OscarsNotSoWhite, remembering Bill Paxton

This week for On the Lot, our special look at the business of entertainment, we get a first-hand account at last night's Academy Awards ceremony. Rebecca Keegan of Vanity Fair was at the Oscars and the Vanity Fair after-party.

Analysis: Oscar wasn't so white for a night

Big wins for "Moonlight" and African American actors are laudable, but the Motion Picture Academy and the industry must address broader diversity issues.