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Surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku gets first comprehensive bio

Duke Kahanamoku was a self-effacing, multi-sport athlete who became a household name. Despite his fame, his complete story has never been told until now.

5 Every Week: Vidiots fest, secret tennis courts, French Mexican food

Claire Evans and Zac Pennington of KPCC's 5 Every Week podcast take you to the best bar for bad karaoke and the best place for tennis you never knew existed.

Catherine Hardwicke's 'Miss You Already' is just her latest challenging project

Her new film is a cancer-themed drama that is being released as the issue of women directors continues to gather momentum.

'E.T.' screenwriter Melissa Mathison dies at 65

The LA native had a humble but high-profile start — her first credited work was in assistant roles on "The Godfather: Part II" and "Apocalypse Now."

A long-lost film noir gets a second look

A remake of the classic German film, "M," was made in L.A. in 1951, but was shelved during Hollywood's Red Scare. Now it's being revived by the producer's 93-year-old son.

Bryan Cranston on 1950s Hollywood blacklisting and current payday gaps

The actor who plays blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo in a new biopic talks about how Hollywood's darkest moment sheds light on modern social inequality.

Disney pulls back on marketing 'Slave Leia' and her gold bikini

Princess Leia appeared in "Return of the Jedi" in a gold bikini that was heavily marketed for decades since, but Disney is apparently putting an end to using the provocative costume.

Keeping a 'Star Wars' secret is serious business for Disney

Publication of a companion book to "The Force Awakens" will be delayed in hopes of avoiding spoilers.

Jason Segel: The 'self-aware' actor knows people pigeonhole him

Jason Segel talks about why he thought he was an unlikely choice to play David Foster Wallace, what makes good art, and why he loves family entertainment.

Saoirse Ronan feared letting down her family in 'Brooklyn'

The Irish actress played a character from her own country for the first time, and some of the film was shot about 20 minutes from her hometown.

The 'Trumbo' backstory: How Hollywood tried to fight HUAC, then caved

With the movie "Trumbo" opening Thursday, Off-Ramp contributor R.H. Greene looks at how Hollywood tried (for a time) to stand up to the House Un-American Activities Committee.

HBO signs Jon Stewart to exclusive 4-year production pact

The partnership will start with short-form digital content to be showcased on HBO Now, HBO Go and other platforms, said the network.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Fiction Plane, Bob Dylan and more

Tuesday always means it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment.

100 women directors Hollywood should look to employ

Kyle Buchanan, a senior editor at, assembled a list of worthy candidates to fill the director's seat in male-dominated Hollywood.

Light In The Attic Records revives long-lost 'Songs From Suicide Bridge'

We get the story behind an obscure but deserving folk album from the label’s reissues producer, Patrick McCarthy.

You won't need Starbucks to keep you awake at the LA Opera's 'Moby Dick'

This is 21st century opera, folks, with diverse but harmonically enticing tunes that invoke Britten, Puccini, Wagner, Glass and even Sondheim, plus generic, late-model film music.