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Commentator Dylan Brody hereby kills his community theater career

My father used to say community theater was people doing a stellar imitation of what they thought acting was supposed to look like. I see it as live performances of slaughtered text before dying audiences.

From huge to humble: Architect Moshe Safdie at the Skirball

More than any other living architect, Moshe Safdie has tried to change the face of the inhabited world, and he’s done this on nearly every continent.

Indian-Americans surge in California politics, but not LA

Indian-Americans have recently been called a rising force in California politics, with Republican Neel Kashkari’s campaign for governor hailed as the latest example.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Band of Horses, Uncle Tupelo and more

Time for Tuesday Reviewsda, our weekly new music segment. Joining us this week is Shirley Halperin, music editor at The Hollywood Reporter and Chris Martins, senior writer at Spin Magazine.

Chef Jamie Oliver's mobile kitchen brings cooking to Sacramento high school

British chef Jamie Oliver's Big Rig — a traveling teaching kitchen now touring the state — roared onto the campus of Sacramento Charter High School for a three-week stint of cooking.

Hollywood's 'The Black List' to scout diverse crop of TV writers

The Black List plans to identify the best writers from "underserved groups" for TBS and TNT.

How Oscar nominee KK Barrett designed a futuristic LA for 'Her'

K.K. Barrett, the production designer for Spike Jonze's "Her," tells AirTalk how he helped bring this tale of romance in the age of A.I. to life.

Religion and Culture: Mixed-faith Hindu weddings are on the rise

The latest part of our ongoing series or religion, politcs and culture looks at the rise of mixed marriages — once a rarity — in the Hindu-American community.

Hollywood Jobs: Animated feature directors

As part of our series Hollywood Jobs, we had the chance to visit the Dreamworks campus for a chat with the creators of, "The Croods," Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, who both wrote and directed the film.

Oscar nominees rack up early wins over the weekend

Screenwriting nominees "Her" and "Captain Phillips" both won a Writers Guild Award. Key awards for cinematography and animation were also handed out this weekend.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and the blessings of friction

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died Sunday, after a career in which he stepped back from both likability and villainy to explore a different kind of connection with audiences.

Seahawks dominate Broncos in 43-8 Super Bowl win

The Seattle Seahawks have won their first Super Bowl title, crushing the favored Denver Broncos 43-8.

Marijuana-laced treats leave Colorado jonesing for food-safety rules

Foods infused with THC are already for sale in Colorado. The federal government still considers pot illegal, so the state has to create from scratch its own system to regulate these foods.

Woody Allen reps calls New York Times article 'disgraceful'

Representatives for Woody Allen lashed out Sunday about the claims that he molested his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow.

KPCC sports authority A Martinez on Super Bowl, NFL and NBA

A. Martinez spoke with NPR Saturday, running down his picks for the Super Bowl, and some insights on the 2013/ 2014 season, and offered thoughts on the NFL and NBA.

Philip Seymour Hoffman dies from apparent overdose at 46

Philip Seymour Hoffman, the prolific film and theater actor who starred in a number of successful Hollywood films, has died of an apparent drug overdose.