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Who's boosting box office numbers? Report says Latinos

Although Latinos are 17 percent of the population, they represent almost a third of frequent moviegoers. People of color overall attend movies at rates higher than their percentage of the population.

Mayor Garcetti quickly vies for Letterman's 'Late Show'

Within hours of Letterman's retirement announcement Thursday, Garcetti sent an open letter to CBS president Leslie Moonves, encouraging him to relocate the New York-based "Late Show" to LA.

In the 1870s and '80s, being a pedestrian was anything but

Huge crowds packed arenas to watch the world's best pedestrians walk in circles for six days at a time. Trainers encouraged the athletes to drink champagne — at the time considered a stimulant.

Video: David Letterman announces retirement from 'Late Show' in 2015

During a taping of Thursday's show, Letterman said he has informed his CBS bosses that he will step down in 2015, when his current contract expires.

Free weekend? 6 fun and almost-free things to do

Congratulations: You made it through the grueling work week. Now it's time to unwind, toss your worries aside and enjoy some Southern California sunshine.

Why Cap'n Crunch is making eye contact with your kid

You might not notice it when you walk down the cereal aisle, but your child does: you're being watched. Cereal mascots are designed to make eye contact with you.

Why are most NFL cheerleaders paid less than minimum wage? (Poll)

Cheerleaders are synonymous with football games, whether its high school, college or the NFL. But the work of NFL cheerleaders, in particular, doesn't end on the field.

Stop, thief! When colleagues steal from the office fridge

Colleagues steal Greek yogurt and half-eaten oranges and bosses help themselves to their employees' frozen dinner. Yes, fridge theft is apparently rampant.

How Hollywood productions disrupted the city 100 years ago

The L.A. City Archivist opens his files to show us how the city dealt with the unregulated movie industry's location shoots a hundred years ago.

Peabody Awards given to record 46 recipients

Television shows, broadcast news outlets and a YouTube video were among the winners for 2013 announced Wednesday.

Amazon unveils Fire TV set top streaming device

The device runs Google's Android operating system and will offer Netflix, Hulu and other streaming channels in addition to Amazon Prime instant video.

'Condor' screenwriter Lorenzo Semple Jr. dies

Semple also wrote for the 1960s TV series "Batman." Semple once said it was the best thing he'd ever written.

LACMA architect Renzo Piano revamps Boston's Gardner Museum

The Gardner Museum got a $118 million renovation by architect Renzo Piano, who brought us the Resnick Pavilion and Broad Contemporary Art Museum at LACMA.

Can a television network be a church? The IRS says yes

Previously undisclosed financial records from Daystar Television are examined and raise issues like the definition of "church" and the role of government in religion.

Review: 'How I Met Your Mother': An awful end to a long love story

"How I Met Your Mother" ended a nine-season run on Monday night, and it managed to do just about everything wrong.

Samsung and Apple back in court fighting over patent issues

Tech giants Apple and Samsung are back in court fighting over patent issues and the outcome of the case could change the face of the lucrative smartphone market.