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Benjamin Booker starts new chapter with 'Witness' and a move to LA

For his sophomore album, "Witness," the guitarist and singer examines black lives and doing more than just watching from the sidelines.

Barbie's Ken gets a manbun, cornrows, new skin tones and physiques

Mattel is introducing 15 new looks for the male doll, including different skin tones, body shapes and hair styles. It is part of the toy company's plan to make its dolls more diverse.

'Nobody Speak': Documentary speaks truth to power in the age of Trump

Brian Knappenberger was making a documentary about the Hulk Hogan-Gawker case, but it became a story about the free speech, the media and money.

Coroner: Cocaine among drugs found in Carrie Fisher's system

Carrie Fisher's autopsy report shows the actress had cocaine in her system when she fell ill on a plane last year, but investigators could not determine what impact the cocaine and other drugs in her system had on her death.

Director John Avildsen dies at 81; won Oscar for 'Rocky'

Avildsen directed "Rocky" and "The Karate Kid," both underdog favorites that went on to become huge Hollywood franchises. He died in L.A. on Friday.

Research finds dressmakers have good eyes, and not just for style

In a study of people from a variety of professions, dressmakers were found to have superior 3-D vision. Could their endless hours of delicate handwork be honing eyesight?

The women of Sofia Coppola's 'The Beguiled' are not hysterical — they're human

Fresh off her Best Director win at Cannes Film Festival, Sofia Coppola shares why she chose to direct a new version of "The Beguiled," this time through the women's perspective.

The Secret Sisters are playing by their own rules now

Lydia and Laura Rogers launched their career to much acclaim, but things took a sour turn. But they're back with a new album, "You Don't Own Me," and a fresh outlook.

Running to recovery in 'Skid Row Marathon'

An L.A. Superior Court Judge started a running club that includes recovering addicts and others who have appeared before his bench. Their story is told in a new documentary.

The Rise of Trap Girl: South Gate's trans punk diva

Drew Arriola-Sands started Trap Girl ready to defend her band; it turned out she didn't need to. Now, they're at the center of LA's exploding queer hardcore scene.

Long lines for big video games define this year's E3

Opening the Electronic Entertainment Expo to the public meant one thing: lines. But for many, that's a small price to play future blockbuster video games early.

Women's rights activist Mukhtar Mai inspires the opera 'Thumbprint'

Real life wonder woman, Mukhtar Mai, comes to Los Angeles for the premiere of "Thumbprint," an opera based on her life as a women's rights activist in Pakistan.

Judd Apatow irked by Sony's plans for 'clean' versions of his films

"Clean Version" makes sanitized versions of a select number of Sony films available as an extra feature to customers who buy the original theatrical version on participating digital platforms.

REVIEW: CAAM'S exhibit on the disappearing black woman

"The Evanesced" was inspired by #SayHerName and LA's Grim Sleeper serial killer. Inky nudes appear to be sinking into the canvas. Or are they reemerging from it?

7 things to do in SoCal this Father's Day weekend

Take dad out around town this Father's Day weekend. We've got a bunch of events for families, even for the kids who are all grown up.

'Fame is an aphrodisiac': Andy Cohen on why reality TV continues the thrive

A former executive for the Bravo network, Cohen was instrumental in making “The Real Housewives” series a massive franchise.