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Bang on a Can brings Brian Eno's 'Music For Airports' to a US airport for the first time

The minimalist musician Brian Eno composed “Music for Airports" in 1987, where background music was the center piece. Bang on a Can will perform the piece for the first time in the U.S. at the San Diego International Airport.

Framing pop culture: Drake, Chris Rock, Adele and Justin Bieber

Talking pop culture and the people who trended this week with Sean Rameswaram of WNYC and Soraya Nadia McDonald of the Washington Post.

'It wasn't fun': Sarah Silverman on being in 'I Smile Back'

The new film 'I Smile Back' features actress Sarah Silverman taking on a role that is a dramatic departure from her usual, comic turns.

14 last-minute Halloween costumes to impress your news junkie friends

What are you going to be for Halloween? The dreaded question that gets more irritating every year.

Free weekend? 8 fun and almost-free things to do

We've curated a list of cheapish events to get you out of the house. Here's everything you need to know.

An exhibition of Cuban art makes its way to LA

As the island nation forges a new relationship with the U.S., artists continue making work as they brace for change.

Mark Mothersbaugh: From Devo to becoming Wes Anderson's composer

The new wave music icon talks about how he got his start in scoring for television, working with a variety of directors, and how important score actually is to TV and film.

'Sesame Street' introduces new Muppet character with autism

Little Julia stars in the digital storybook called "We're Amazing, 1,2,3."

'Suffragette' is a period film with modern-day resonance

The film's screenwriter, Abi Morgan, and director, Sarah Gavron, talk about the hidden history of the British women who used violence to get the right to vote.

'Star Wars': How Disney's making sure 'The Force' will awaken audiences in China

China is the second biggest movie market in the world, so Disney's working hard to bring audiences there up to speed on "Star Wars."

Los Angeles musicians learn Qawwali, a centuries-old South Asian musical style

Singers and musicians from Southern California mixed sounds and traditions with a group of Pakistani musicians who were here for a weeklong residency.

Judge dismisses copyright infringement case against Jay Z

U.S. District Judge Christina A. Snyder ruled the heir of an Egyptian composer did not have the right to pursue a copyright infringement claim.

Chris Rock to host ABC's Oscar broadcast next year

The comedian's appearance as host in 2005 was the second-highest rated ceremony of the past decade, topped only by Ellen DeGeneres.

It's time for 'Back to the Future' Day

The celebration marks the date that Marty McFly, Emmett "Doc" Brown and Jennifer Parker traveled from 1985 to 2015 in the sci-fi film trilogy's second installment in 1989.

EC Comics 'Tales from the Crypt' comes to life in Los Angeles

Captured Aural Phantasy Theater is the only troupe with permission to perform stories from notoriously sexy and gory EC Comics, and they're doing it at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

'Fargo' creator Noah Hawley: ''No Country For Old Men' is always in my mind'

Hawley says the Coens have an "amazing library of ideas and characters," which helped as he put his own stamp on their 1996 dark comedy.