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How Charles Manson ties into Hollywood history

The Manson murders were 46 years ago, but the man still has an impact on popular culture. Karina Longworth, creator of the podcast "You Must Remember This," shares his story.

FFS brings Franz Ferdinand and Sparks together for smart pop

New supergroup FFS brings two generations together, combining Scottish band Franz Ferdinand and Los Angeles band Sparks in a collaboration from 6,000 miles apart.

'The Wolfpack' follows isolated brothers with a film obsession

Director Crystal Moselle documents the brothers whose obsessive relationship with films connects them to the outside world in a story that's almost impossible to believe.

New music from Melody Gardot, Richard Thompson and more

It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. A Martinez sits down with music journalist Steve Hochman to chat about what he's been listening to.

'Dope' director on his love for Inglewood, 'Sixteen Candles'

Producer/ director Rick Famuyiwa has crafted a visual love letter to Inglewood in his coming of age movie “Dope,” the indie hit from this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

LA Film Festival: Finding its voice by focusing on women and LA

If you want to see the latest movies made outside the studio system, you head to Sundance. The Los Angeles Film Festival remains one that's yet to be fully defined.

Tony Awards 2015: 'Fun Home' scores landmark win with female composing team

Broadway history was made Sunday night when "Fun Home" won best musical, making it the first time an all-female composing team has been awarded.

'Made In America' won't come back to LA, heads back East

The music fest which was founded by famed rapper Jay Z and sponsored by Budweiser will instead move back to its birthplace and host a free concert in New York.

How comedians get their messages spread all over the Internet

The Atlantic's Megan Garber explains why the comedy world has changed to more frequently take on issues like sexism, racism and unquestioned social conventions.

Vance Joy goes from Australia to opening for Taylor Swift

The Australian singer-songwriter James Keogh, better known as Vance Joy, is already becoming one of the biggest acts in the music industry — and he’s only released one album, “Dream Your Life Away,” which debuted less than a year ago.

Downtown's Bar 107 defies landlord, refuses to leave

The owners of the quirky downtown bar say they'll continue paying rent "until the state marshall shows up."

'Love & Mercy' goes inside Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson's mind

The film focuses on two parts of Wilson's life: His creative peak making the imaginative "Pet Sounds," and his days dealing with schizophrenia and a controlling therapist.

Joan Scheckel coaches Hollywood with techniques both 'safe and scary'

Some say Joan Scheckel is a master on par with famous acting coach Stanislavsky. Others say her teaching strategies hurt more than they help.

3 women directors in LA Film Festival's LA MUSE showcase

They called this showcase LA MUSE, "because we felt it was about how the city inspires so many people around the world to be part of the magic."

Free weekend? 9 fun and almost free things to do

Happy National Donut Day! How about free donuts, free music and free film? Here's everything you need to know.

'Star Trek' star hospitalized after stroke

Actress Nichelle Nichols suffered a stroke Wednesday and was rushed to the hospital. The actress is reported to be awake and in good spirits.