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Trademark law: Why Disney is fighting Canadian DJ Deadmau5

Deadmau5 makes dance music. But he also sells hats, pint glasses, t-shirts—all featuring the eerie, circles-for-ears cartoon "mau5head" that is his symbol.

'Morning Edition' celebrates 35 years with a trip down memory lane

On this day in 1979, Morning Edition broadcast its first show, bringing a new style of storytelling to the early-drive-time airwaves. That first show was hosted by Bob Edwards and Barbara Hoctor.

Susan Stamberg welcomed Ray and the late Tom Magliozzi to NPR

NPR veteran host Susan Stamberg remembers the genesis of NPR's "Car Talk," and the genius of Tom Magliozzi, who died Monday.

'Invisible Cities' opera moves from Union Station to your listening device

Yuval Sharon, artistic director of The Industry, and album producer Nick Tipp talk about their recording of the innovative opera.

Is this the golden age of political satire on TV?

John Stewart and Stephen Colbert helped establish a new kind of political comedy and newcomer John Oliver has quickly made his mark as well.

How to wean your kids off Halloween candy: Cold, hard cash

After the costumes and candy comes the hard part: the fights and negotiations that go along with trying to limit kids' sugar intake.

2015 emoji update will include more diverse skin-tones

The Unicode Consortium had previously backed only one skin color, a yellow-orange tone it considered generic. But the group threw away that approach after a wide call for more variety.

Frank Gehry's 'Bilbao effect' and The Broad Museum's ugly, sexy robot doll

How L.A's most famous architect became the go-to guy for museum design; and Eli Broad's new acquisition may become a must-see attraction at his museum.

Chop Suey: How Chinese food conquered the US (test your knowledge)

Chinese food has worked its way into all segments of American society, no more so than in Southern California. But how much do you know? Take our quiz.

Mark Bittman shares 'How to Cook Everything Fast'

For anyone who puts off cooking because of the time it takes, New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman’s new book, "How to Cook Everything Fast," has a solution.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Jamie Cullum, Bambu and more

Oliver Wang and Morgan Rhodes are back in the studio with their picks of new music that they think you should be listening to.

Why Taylor Swift broke up with Spotify

The clout that Taylor Swift and her label have over Spotify is a sign of an ever-shifting music industry landscape.

SCOTUS move frees Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Poirot

The Supreme Court Monday affirmed the rights of creators to develop characters who live in the public domain, like Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, and Tarzan.

Co-host of NPR's 'Car Talk' Tom Magliozzi dies at 77

Tom Magliozzi bantered weekly with his brother, Ray, on the public radio show. They joked, laughed and sometimes even gave good advice to listeners with car troubles.

'After' Fifty Shades, could this be the next big online hit?

"After" is an epic, erotic fan fiction loosely based on the British boy band One Direction. It's being republished by Simon & Schuster, which is hoping the story's online fans will buy it in book form.

Upright Citizens Brigade opens new LA theater on Sunset

The UCB Theatre has carved out a big place in the Los Angeles comedy scene. Now they're expanding that influence with a new theater and training center on Sunset Boulevard.