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A hungry Hollywood cooks up Yelp video reviews

"There's a lot of restaurants in L.A. and some of them have to go to pretty great lengths to be novel and a lot of the time that's pretty funny."

Your go-to guide for the weekend in SoCal

Before holiday madness kicks in, hit up a Japanese food fair, a "sacred market" in the mountains and more.

'Loving' inspires a DIY Film Festival of miscegenation films and shows you need to see

This DIY festival, including a doc, a short silent film, and even a few TV episodes, is inspired by Jeff Nichols new film - "Loving" - which is about the 1967 miscegenation case that changed the law and the movies.

1,000 Disneyland artifacts go up for auction

You'll be able to peek into the Happiest Place's history next month when items like a years-old unopened can of tobacco and ash trays go up for auction.

Chicano art champion Cheech Marin and the sublime pleasures of works on paper

Actor, comedian, and Chicano art champion Cheech Marin on his newest traveling exhibit, Papel Chicano Dos, spotlighting works on paper by young Chicano artists.

Mario Batali shares his favorite LA restaurants and more

The chef behind dozens of restaurants across America has a new book. Mario Batali's "Big American Cookbook" celebrates the regional cuisines of cities across the country.

Mariachi trio La Victoria respects tradition and celebrates the new

It’s no longer rare to come across a female mariachi group, but these accomplished musicians are making their mark with a contemporary approach to traditions they hold dear.

From VR to 'Atlanta': Director Janicza Bravo is on the rise

From a lauded virtual reality film about police brutality involving an unarmed black man to an episode of the FX comedy "Atlanta", director Janicza Bravo is someone to watch.

Gimlet Media goes Hollywood to attract new listeners — and advertisers

For-profit podcast network Gimlet Media launches three new shows, and borrows quite a bit of Hollywood talent to attract new listeners and sponsors.

Creator of NBC's 'The Good Place' wants to make an inclusive utopia

Michael Schur created other comedy shows including "Parks and Recreation" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." On his latest NBC comedy, he set it in an afterlife that's inclusive to all "race, creed, gender, sexual identity."

How Trump and the 2016 election fueled the fast writing of 'Vicuña'

Playwright Jon Robin Baitz challenged himself to write his new play "Vicuña" in just a few short months in time to get it up on stage before the 2016 Presidential election.

The results of our ultimate Halloween Candy Ranker quiz

We asked. You answered. You really hate Tootsie Rolls. And Jujubes. But you love chocolate. And coconut is controversial.

JPL geniuses also slay at pumpkin carving

Imagine "Ace of Cakes" meets "Robot Wars" with a dash of "RuPaul's Drag Race" thrown in — but starring scientists with gourds, knives and electronics.

Even in a virtual world, sexual harassment persists

What does sexual harassment look like in a virtual world — and how do you stop it?

Stuntman sues Tom Sizemore after he was run over on TV set

Steve de Castro says he was pinned beneath a sport utility vehicle driven by Sizemore back in July.

Trailblazing talent agent Norman Brokaw dies at age 89

Norman R. Brokaw, a trailblazing agent who represented Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Clint Eastwood and other top Hollywood stars, has died at age 89.