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Nielsen: Oscars viewership down 16 percent

The Nielsen company's preliminary estimate of U.S. viewership was down from the 43.7 million people who watched last year, reaching its lowest point since 2009.

Beyond the glitz, Hollywood's diversity problem is simmering

The Academy Awards' producers tried to address criticism of mostly white nominees by filling the ranks of presenters with black actors, but bigger issues are on the table.

'Birdman' takes flight at an Oscars punctuated by politics

The long take of "Birdman" has stretched all the way to the Academy Awards, where the jazzy, surreal comedy about an actor fleeing his superhero past, took Hollywood's top honor.

In Oscar nominations for best score, some hear sour notes

The distinctive music in the movie "Birdman" will not win an Oscar — in fact, it wasn't even nominated. Like other acclaimed film scores from years past, it didn't comply with Academy rules.

In 'Timbuktu' a star is born from a refugee camp

A 12-year-old girl followed him everywhere. And she got the part. Abderrahmane Sissako tells what it's like to make a reality-based movie in Mauritania.

'Birdman' tops Spirit Awards (see full winners list here)

A day before it may soar at the Oscars, "Birdman" spread its wings at the 30th Independent Film Spirit Awards, winning best picture and best actor for Michael Keaton.

Oscars 2015: Printable Oscar ballots and bingo cards

We've got printable Oscars ballots and the bingo cards you need to prove your superiority over your movie-loving friends during your viewing party.

Oscars 2015: Tibetan villagers pose before backdrops, earn Oscar nomination

They're photographed in front of Asian scenes, a beach, Disneyland. It's a film called "Butter Lamp." And it has a real message.

Spirit Awards at 30: Inside the rowdiest awards show in Hollywood

The Independent Spirit Awards turns 30 this year and it's still the profane, booze-soaked younger sibling of the Oscars even if it honors a lot of the same films.

Orange County arts philanthropist Henry Segerstrom dies at 91

Segerstrom was the founding chairman of the Orange County Performing Arts Center, which was named after him, and was a managing partner of the South Coast Plaza.

'Comedy Bang Bang' plans 'emotional' goodbye for Reggie Watts

The host of "Comedy Bang Bang" stopped by our studio recently to talk about how he puts the show together, what makes him laugh and what his typical work day looks like.

OSCARS 2015: 'Birdman' sound designer breaks down Times Square scene

Aaron Glascock talks about the scene in which Michael Keaton's character finds himself locked out of a theater and has to make his way, almost naked, through the heart of Manhattan.

Oscars 2015: How 'Hero' became the unofficial theme song for 'Boyhood'

The L.A.-based band Family of the Year has grown accustomed to hearing its song repeatedly as "Boyhood" has racked up honors during awards season.

Oscars 2015: How the sound of gravity was created in 'Interstellar'

Oscar nominee Richard King, the sound editor on "Interstellar," says what his team worked the hardest on was "the sound to represent gravity."

Iron & Wine performs songs from 'Archive Series Volume No. 1'

Singer-songwriter Sam Beam steps back in time to connect with songs he wrote in his Miami bedroom more than 15 years ago.

The comedy and good conversation of Harris Wittels

NPR contributor Glen Weldon remembers writer, actor, producer, musician, and comedy podcast mainstay Harris Wittels, who died Thursday, just 30 years old.