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Covered California messed up my tax form. What should I do? (updated)

taxes 1040 tax time tax return filing

Covered California sent out thousands of inaccurate tax forms. So wait to file your taxes, or if you already filed, you may have to amend.

In immigration news: DHS funding battle, H-4 visa holders can soon get jobs, Texas governor on immigration, more

A U.S. Border Patrol Agent in September 2011, along the Mexico-Arizona border.

The Department of Homeland Security is funded only through Friday, and it's unclear if Congress will be able to pass a bill in time. This and more.

Off-Ramp blog posts are moving to spiffier new dwellings

John Rabe

Housekeeping news: Off-Ramp blog entries are moving to Off-Ramp's main page.

California Drought: Los Angeles to capture, use stormwater

For the first time, L.A. is talking about making rainfall a small but reliable part of the city’s water sources — about 4 percent of annual supplies.

Cal Lutheran University plans new art complex

California Lutheran University expects to match a donation of up to $4 million from art collector and real estate developer William Rolland to build the art center.

Confessions of a fair-weather Dodgers fan

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers

Each year, they come out of the woodwork: the die-hard Dodgers fans who don't really like baseball much. I am one of them.

Maven's Morning Coffee: Recruitment in LAFD

Station 6

Today is Friday, Jan. 23 and headlines include the recruitment of L.A. firefighters, billing problems at DWP, and a delay for the Calderon brothers.

The Breakdown is moving

I got it! Moving box on back.

As of today, KPCC is moving Breakdown coverage to our main business page, where you will find KPCC’s ongoing news and information about Southern California business and the economy.

Heat hacks: How to stay cool without air conditioning

Heat Wave Hot Los Angeles

The county declared a heat alert on Thursday as high temperatures keep threatening to break records. Find a cooling center near you and get tips for the air-conditionally challenged.

R-rated Power Rangers fan film pulled from YouTube ... for now

A Power Rangers short film with big stars went viral this week, but the company behind the kids/toy icons issued takedown requests. Here's the story behind the flashy short.