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In immigration news: Republicans for reform, lawyers sue for court access, fitness for diverse neighbors

In Immigration News

218: Kinzinger, Schock Plead for Immigration Overhaul - Roll Call Immigration reform may be anathema to Republicans in other states , but not in Illinois. On Tuesday, both Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Aaron Schock had video testimonials where they spoke out for reform played at a pro-immigration event sponsored by the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition.

California Drought News: Salmon catch a break

For the next three days, federal water officials are increasing dam releases on the American River to help migrating fish navigate downstream.

Coming soon to a daycare near you: No more smoking

Smoking can raise your insurance rates, but that doesn't mean you'll get coverage for help with quitting.

Assembly approves to extend ban on smoking in child-care centers to all times of the day, even when children are not present.

Confessions of a fair-weather Dodgers fan

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers

Each year, they come out of the woodwork: the die-hard Dodgers fans who don't really like baseball much. I am one of them.

A no-labels strategy from GOP Congressional hopeful Elan Carr

He's running to replace Henry Waxman in a heavily-Democratic district, which explains why his first TV ad doesn't mention he's a Republican.

In SoCal biz news: Sriracha firm could open more facilities

Sriracha firm Huy Fong Foods will outgrow its Irwindale facility in three years. Amazon Prime will stream older HBO shows, but not "Game of Thrones."

Pasadena power outage leaves city in the dark

A "pretty large" power outage left city streets and homes in the dark in Pasadena Monday night.

Arts & Culture

7 Byzantium books to read after visiting double Getty exhibits

A reading list on Byzantium, fiction and non-fiction, to go with the Getty Center and Getty Villa's blockbuster Byzantium exhibits.

Top 10 reasons Colbert won't move 'The Late Show' to Los Angeles

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Debut Episode

Number 10: He doesn't want "Saturday Night Live" to make fun of him the next time they do "The Californians." Let us know your reasons Colbert probably isn't moving west.