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Next up for #PriceCheck: Back MRI's


If you've had a back MRI, visit the PriceCheck website and tell us about your bill: What was the price, how much did your insurance pay, how much did you pay?

Banc of California expansion opposed by advocates for minorities, low-income

Banc of California

Community groups want federal regulators to deny Banc of California’s bid to acquire 20 Popular Community Bank branches.

Getty mounts Minor White photography exhibit

The first White retrospective in 25 years opens the photog's work in two directions: his early Oregon past and the homoerotic realm he tried to keep hidden.

California Drought News: My burger, my burrito, my poor wallet


Tuesday's drought news makes you question whether waiting so long in the drive-thru line will continue to be worth it.

Q&A: Berkeley prof on teacher cohesion in LAUSD

Scholars at UC Berkeley and UCLA find that LAUSD teachers collaborate more in pilot and charter schools than in traditional high schools.

Confessions of a fair-weather Dodgers fan

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers

Each year, they come out of the woodwork: the die-hard Dodgers fans who don't really like baseball much. I am one of them.

Controllers' recount: Perez pulls the plug

Democratic National Convention

It took six days of tedious hand-counting of ballots for Perez to call off the recount. It cost at least $30,000 but won him only ten new votes.

Increase in rent control fee goes to Santa Monica voters

Home Prices Drop To Lowest Level Since 2006

The Rent Control Board says without the increase it faces a $36,000 deficit next fiscal year, which would balloon to $150,000, then close to half a million dollars.

Happy birthday, Nikola Tesla! See a video of a working Tesla coil

Eccentric physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla would have turned 158 years old Thursday, and he's in his prime as a household name and scientific celebrity.

#FirstWorldProblems: Weird Al parodies the Pixies in new video

"Weird Al" Yankovic is in the middle of releasing eight videos over the course of eight days. The first of two weekend videos brings us "First World Problems."