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FAQ: Why are cancer drugs getting more expensive?

The cost of cancer drugs has increased five- to 10-fold over 15 years. In the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 118 doctors propose solutions to cap these costs.

KPCC Member Profile: June 2015 Mercedes Benz Sweepstakes Winner Donna Van Allen

Donna Van Allen and her partner Della

Prior to our June 2015 Member drive, the KPCC Underwriting team was able to secure a 36-month lease agreement on a Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive from Rusnak/Arcadia, making it one of our most buzz-worthy sweepstakes prizes yet.

Maven's Morning Coffee: Recruitment in LAFD

Station 6

Today is Friday, Jan. 23 and headlines include the recruitment of L.A. firefighters, billing problems at DWP, and a delay for the Calderon brothers.

WonderCon Anaheim 2015: 7 things you absolutely shouldn't miss

For all the sad comic book and pop culture fans who weren't able to get tickets to San Diego Comic-Con, we've got good news: WonderCon. Here's what you need to know.