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How to decode your health insurer's Explanation of Benefits

Employees pay directly for their health insurance in "defined contribution" plans.

It's not easy to read an Explanation of Benefits. Luckily, our friends at KQED's State of Health blog have decoded the EOB.

Report: More kids 12 and under arriving at US-Mexico border

Children 12 and younger are making up a bigger share of the unaccompanied minors arriving at the border, according to a new analysis.

Getty mounts Minor White photography exhibit

The first White retrospective in 25 years opens the photog's work in two directions: his early Oregon past and the homoerotic realm he tried to keep hidden.

California Drought News: My burger, my burrito, my poor wallet


Tuesday's drought news makes you question whether waiting so long in the drive-thru line will continue to be worth it.

Q&A: Berkeley prof on teacher cohesion in LAUSD

Scholars at UC Berkeley and UCLA find that LAUSD teachers collaborate more in pilot and charter schools than in traditional high schools.

Confessions of a fair-weather Dodgers fan

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers

Each year, they come out of the woodwork: the die-hard Dodgers fans who don't really like baseball much. I am one of them.

Maven's Morning Coffee: Obama headed back to LA


Today is Tuesday, July 22 and headlines include a possible presidential purchase in Rancho Mirage, an LAUSD employee gets honored at the White House, and a survey looks at Latino voters.

Want to run on the field with USC players? You can for $1500

Mercer 9923

“It’s USC football," said one former player. "It’s supposed to be honorable in that locker room. I didn’t think you could put a price on that.”

Happy birthday, Nikola Tesla! See a video of a working Tesla coil

Eccentric physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla would have turned 158 years old Thursday, and he's in his prime as a household name and scientific celebrity.

#FirstWorldProblems: Weird Al parodies the Pixies in new video

"Weird Al" Yankovic is in the middle of releasing eight videos over the course of eight days. The first of two weekend videos brings us "First World Problems."