Daily Dose - Golden Globe noms, Yosemite rescue, "Born to Rage"

December 14, 2010 - The Golden Globe Award nominations were announced today. Fox's hit 'Glee' leads television contenders with five nominations for the 68th Annual Golden Globes. Four of the show's actors garnered nominations.

Wondering who's up for Best TV series and Best Motion pictures? Take a listen to actress Katie Holmes announcing some of the nominees:

You can see a full list of nominees here and catch the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards on NBC Sunday evening, January 16th.

And, a story that is a bit reminiscent of the film "127 Hours..." Three rock climbers were rescued after being stranded on the wall of El Capitan in Yosemite overnight.

Twenty-four year old Sarah Land of Oakhurst called for help Sunday after a 200-pound boulder hit her. But with night falling, park rangers weren't able to do anything about it until yesterday.

An Army helicopter took two rangers to the top of El Capitan yesterday, where they lowered themselves down and rescued the climbers. Land was joined by Walker and Rio Mackey of Boulder, Colorado. Luckily, all are now safe!


What makes you mad? Feel free to leave your answer in the comments section below... For me, the answer is lots of things... All the time. Today it was coming to KPCC and finding two large trucks and a minivan parked in spaces clearly marked COMPACT. As the owner of a small hybrid car, this is the sort of thing that truly irks me.

Luckily, I'm a gal which means I don't have something known as the warrior gene. This little piece of DNA is found in about a third of all men and can pre-dispose them to violent and aggressive behavior.

The warrior gene is the focus of a new show on tonight called "born to Rage." It's hosted by my favorite Dj/actor/punk rock hero Henry Rollins. Take a listen to my interview with him.


Daily Dose - 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death, WAY overdue library book, conviction for Tapout Death

December 8, 2010 -- Today is the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death. I remember the day very well, even though I was 8 years old.

My mom made a poster and put it on the front door of our house. At the time, I was terrified that everyone in the neighborhood would think we were freaks. Now I think it's pretty cool.

She also made us all observe a moment of silence in his memory.

Today folks are looking back at Lennon's life in all sorts of ways. Mike Lawler - who lives in Long Beach - says he has all the Beatles records, and one piece of rare Beatles memorabilia: a toy yellow submarine. Hear his description:

My family also has a great piece of yellow submarine memoribilia - we have a cell from the animated film, something we'd never EVER sell on eBay.


I'll admit I procrastinate from time to time, but nothing like Hazel Severson's husband. The 95-year-old woman says a friend found a book that her late husband had borrowed from an Amador County library in 1936 (!) while sorting through things for a garage sale.

Severson did the right thing and returned the book. She even offered  to pay the overdue fee _ a whopping $2,701.

Severson told the Sacramento Bee that she and her husband Howard were newlyweds back when he checked out the hardback, "Seaplane Solo,'' about Sir Francis Chichester's 1930 solo flight across the
Tasman Sea.
The library didn't make her pay the fee but they did happily accept a small donation.


Jeffrey David Kirby was convicted of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated today. The high-speed crash killed mixed-martial arts clothing entrepreneur Charles "Mask" Lewis.

Lews was killed almost instantly in the crash. He was a mixed-martial arts fighter and founder of the TapouT clothing line which had a revenue of $22.5 million three years ago.

Speaking of mixed-martial arts... Today I spoke with the founder of the  Foam Weapon League about an event they have coming up this weekend. Listen for it on Friday.


Daily Dose - McCourt ruling, new rules for raves, mass burial for the unclaimed

December 7, 2010 -- It's a good day for Jamie McCourt! LA Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon decided this morning that an agreement Jamie and her now-ex Frank signed after years of marriage is invalid.

Frank McCourt's attorney Victoria Cook says that doesn't mean the divorced couple equally shares the team. Have a listen to her take on today's ruling:

Jamie McCourt's lawyer says she's pleased with the decision, which experts says will not affect daily operations at the ball club.


Today the LA County Board of Supervisors approved ten safety guidelines to try and make raves safer.

The guidelines aren't law but the board plans to send letters to promoters and venue operators in hopes that they'll adopt them.

Here are some of the guidelines:
      -- requiring rave-goers to be at least 18;
      -- giving wristbands to anyone 21 or older, so that concession workers
can tell who is old enough to drink alcohol;
      -- instituting "cool-off" breaks during the show;
      -- closing all raves by 2 a.m.;
      -- briefing event staffers about drug overdose symptoms and heat
      -- requiring that medical personnel be on site in case of an emergency; and
      -- offering warnings about Ecstasy and other drugs during public service
announcements and in materials handed out during the festival.

The next rave at the L.A. Coliseum is scheduled for New Year's Eve.


Tomorrow the ashes of 1,440 people whose remains were never claimed will be buried by the county in a mass grave. The burial will take place at 2 p.m. At the L.A. County Crematorium Cemetery at 3301 E. First St., adjacent to Evergreen Cemetery.

The county cremates the bodies of people who cannot be identified by the coroner or who go unclaimed by family. It holds the ashes for relatives who may come to retrieve them months later. But, ultimately, if no one comes forward, the ashes are buried in a plastic bag in a common grave.

The county coroner's website has a list of the names of 5,015 dead who remain unclaimed.


Daily Dose - Schwarzenegger on the budget, RIP Jack Kyser and man becomes Captain Awesome

December 6, 2010 -- Governor Schwarzenegger's days in office are numbered. But that's not keeping him from action. Today he declared a fiscal emergency and called the legislature into a special session to deal with the troublesome budget.

The Gov says some folks, including members of his own staff, have questioned why he's calling a special session just weeks before he leaves office. Here's his response:

The Governor also released his own budget plan including $7 billion in spending cuts mostly to health and human services programs.

What do you think of the Governor's time in office? Share your thoughts in the comments below


Farewell to economist Jack Kyser, who has been an expert on Southern California's economy and a voice on KPCC for many many years. Kyser was 76 years old.

Kyser was born in Huntington Park and raised in Downey and Vernon. He earned a bachelor's degree and a masters of business administration from USC.


Daily Dose- California Chief Justice sworn in, Virgin Mary rides Metro, Viacom vs YouTube

December 3, 2010 -- Today Governor Schwarzenegger swore in California's new chief justice, Tani Cantil Sakauye. She's a veteran judge who most recently served on the state appellate court. The governor nominated her over the summer and voters confirmed his pick last month.

Take a listen to a bit of the ceremony here:

If you'd like to hear more from our new chief justice, listen to this interview I did with her.


The virgin Mary is saving money and going green by riding Metro!

An annual religious process by the Virgin of Juquila's ministry will take public transportation for part of its rout.

Somewhere between 70 and 200 participants will pack on the Metro this Sunday carrying a replica of the long-haired virgin on their way to a church in downtown LA. They'll be led by a band.

Many faithful have celebrated the Virgin since a 17th century fire in a Oaxacan village spared her image.

Spokeswoman Martha Ugarte said the goal of riding Metro is to reduce the thousands of dollars it costs police to man the route through the city.


Viacom Inc. Wants to overturn a court decision that dismissed its claims of copyright abuse against YouTube.

In June, a ruling rebuffed Viacom's copyright infringement lawsuit against You Tube and its owner Google.

The move today by Viacom was largely expected and is the latest effort to recoup $1 billion in alleged damages from Google. This legal battle has now gone on for nearly four years.

Viacom says that YouTube's founders realized that copyright-protected clips from programs like "The Daily Show" (a Viacom show) brought a lot more viewers to the site that videos made by amateurs.

I for one enjoy many amateur videos. My favorite lately may by a guy who impersonate's Chloe Sevigny. Check it out: