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Betty White on SNL and Barbie does "Mad Men"

Two great items of news today:

Betty White is gonna host SNL! The adorable "Golden Girls" actress will host the show on May 8th. "SNL'' executive producer Lorne Michaels says he can't think of a better way to spend Mother's Day weekend than with White.

Today's announcement followed a campaign on Facebook urging the late night show to make White a host. The group attracted nearly half-a-million supporters.

And Mattel will create four dolls in the likeness of characters from one of my favorite TV shows, "Mad Men."

The Betty Draper doll will wear a floral dress with pearls and pumps to match, of course! My favorite character, the voluptuous Joan Holloway will have a purple skirt suit. Don Draper and Roger Sterling both get trim suits, ties and pocketsquares.

The collectable dolls will be available in July (conveniently happens to be my birthday month) with a suggested retail price of $74.95.