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Daily Dose: Rape legislation, gay marriage and octomom porn

March 22, 2010 -- Not sure why this happened, but three of the most interesting items on today's news wires have to do with sex and sexuality. So, let's just say if that's a subject you are squeamish about, read no further.

First up, Democratic Assemblyman Pedro Nava (who's also running for state Attorney General) wants to strengthen the penalties for the rape of a minor. His legislation would also make law enforcement send crime alert notifications to people's cell phones.

Hear why he's added that provision:


A verdict in the gay marriage trial may be delayed now that Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that several civil rights groups must release internal memos and e-mails to the other side. Now, groups that campaigned against California's same-sex marriage ban may have to surrender campaign documents.

Today's decision upholds an earlier ruling by a federal magistrate. The American Civil Liberties Union is one of three groups that has to hand over the goods. They said they'll appeal today's decision.

Remember that old sketch where the evil landlord demands, "You must pay the rent," and the lady wails, "I can't pay the rent!" And then the dashing hero steps in and declares, "I'll pay the rent!"? Well, that's kind of the case with Octomom Nadya Suleman who's facing eviction from her La Habra home.

In this instance, the "hero" is Steven Hirsh, founder of the adult film company Vivid Video. Hirsh says he'll cover the bills if Suleman agrees to a movie contract. He said he'd let the mother of many pick her own partner. Yikes.