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Daily Dose - Rent hike moratorium, Reggie gets a friend and a very special SoCal mom

May 7, 2010 - Today the Los Angeles City Council moved to create an ordinance that would freeze rent increases for thousands of apartment buildings. Under the plan, landlords wouldn't be able to impose their usual three percent rent hike between now and the end of October.

Councilman Richard Alarcón initiated the measure to help tenants keep up with their rents - without the stress of an increase. Alarcón said the plan puts a moratorium on buildings constructed before 1978 that contain six or more units. Take a listen:


The measure proceeds to the city attorney for approval.

Remember Reggie, the alligator who became famous after his owner dumped him in a lake several years ago? Well, now Reggie has a girlfriend - he's sharing a space with Cajun

Before arriving at the Los Angeles Zoo, Reggie was illegally raised as a pet, then was dumped in Harbor City's Machado Lake several years ago when he got too big. He eluded trappers for two years before wranglers caught him in 2007 and brought him to the zoo. He escaped once. Maybe now that he has a lady friend, he won't be as tempted to roam.

And finally, a very happy Mother's Day to Bermuda Dunes residents Cari Young, who gave birth to quadruplets this week.

Grace, Bryce, Jordan and Zachary were born Wednesday at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs. All four babies are healthy and are being monitored in the neonatal care unit.