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Daily Dose - Schwarzenegger on the budget, RIP Jack Kyser and man becomes Captain Awesome

December 6, 2010 -- Governor Schwarzenegger's days in office are numbered. But that's not keeping him from action. Today he declared a fiscal emergency and called the legislature into a special session to deal with the troublesome budget.

The Gov says some folks, including members of his own staff, have questioned why he's calling a special session just weeks before he leaves office. Here's his response:

The Governor also released his own budget plan including $7 billion in spending cuts mostly to health and human services programs.

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Farewell to economist Jack Kyser, who has been an expert on Southern California's economy and a voice on KPCC for many many years. Kyser was 76 years old.

Kyser was born in Huntington Park and raised in Downey and Vernon. He earned a bachelor's degree and a masters of business administration from USC.

I last spoke with Kyser in June when he announced that he was retiring. You can hear that interview here.


In lighter news... I used to live in Oregon, a place I loved for many reasons, including the fact that there are some true individuals living there. The latest example -- Douglas Allen Smith Jr. Who had his name legally changed to Captain Awesome last month. He says he was inspired by the nickname of a character on the NBC television show ``Chuck'' _ Dr. Devon ``Captain Awesome'' Woodcomb.
The unemployed Eugene cabinet installer says says he faced a Lane County judge who questioned his seriousness. The judge that granted the request made him swear he wasn't changing his name for fraudulent reasons.

Mr. Awesome says that judge also allowed him to sign his name as a right arrow, a smiley face and a left arrow. His bank, however, won't accept the signature, saying it could be forged too easily.

I don't plan on changing my name at any time, but were I to do so, I would change it to Alex Kohlner. Kohlner was the name of my ancestors, but when they came to Ellis Island, authorities changed their name (and many others) to Cohen.

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