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Daily Dose - 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death, WAY overdue library book, conviction for Tapout Death

December 8, 2010 -- Today is the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death. I remember the day very well, even though I was 8 years old.

My mom made a poster and put it on the front door of our house. At the time, I was terrified that everyone in the neighborhood would think we were freaks. Now I think it's pretty cool.

She also made us all observe a moment of silence in his memory.

Today folks are looking back at Lennon's life in all sorts of ways. Mike Lawler - who lives in Long Beach - says he has all the Beatles records, and one piece of rare Beatles memorabilia: a toy yellow submarine. Hear his description:

My family also has a great piece of yellow submarine memoribilia - we have a cell from the animated film, something we'd never EVER sell on eBay.


I'll admit I procrastinate from time to time, but nothing like Hazel Severson's husband. The 95-year-old woman says a friend found a book that her late husband had borrowed from an Amador County library in 1936 (!) while sorting through things for a garage sale.

Severson did the right thing and returned the book. She even offered  to pay the overdue fee _ a whopping $2,701.

Severson told the Sacramento Bee that she and her husband Howard were newlyweds back when he checked out the hardback, "Seaplane Solo,'' about Sir Francis Chichester's 1930 solo flight across the
Tasman Sea.
The library didn't make her pay the fee but they did happily accept a small donation.


Jeffrey David Kirby was convicted of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated today. The high-speed crash killed mixed-martial arts clothing entrepreneur Charles "Mask" Lewis.

Lews was killed almost instantly in the crash. He was a mixed-martial arts fighter and founder of the TapouT clothing line which had a revenue of $22.5 million three years ago.

Speaking of mixed-martial arts... Today I spoke with the founder of the  Foam Weapon League about an event they have coming up this weekend. Listen for it on Friday.