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Daily Dose - Golden Globe noms, Yosemite rescue, "Born to Rage"

December 14, 2010 - The Golden Globe Award nominations were announced today. Fox's hit 'Glee' leads television contenders with five nominations for the 68th Annual Golden Globes. Four of the show's actors garnered nominations.

Wondering who's up for Best TV series and Best Motion pictures? Take a listen to actress Katie Holmes announcing some of the nominees:

You can see a full list of nominees here and catch the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards on NBC Sunday evening, January 16th.

And, a story that is a bit reminiscent of the film "127 Hours..." Three rock climbers were rescued after being stranded on the wall of El Capitan in Yosemite overnight.

Twenty-four year old Sarah Land of Oakhurst called for help Sunday after a 200-pound boulder hit her. But with night falling, park rangers weren't able to do anything about it until yesterday.

An Army helicopter took two rangers to the top of El Capitan yesterday, where they lowered themselves down and rescued the climbers. Land was joined by Walker and Rio Mackey of Boulder, Colorado. Luckily, all are now safe!


What makes you mad? Feel free to leave your answer in the comments section below... For me, the answer is lots of things... All the time. Today it was coming to KPCC and finding two large trucks and a minivan parked in spaces clearly marked COMPACT. As the owner of a small hybrid car, this is the sort of thing that truly irks me.

Luckily, I'm a gal which means I don't have something known as the warrior gene. This little piece of DNA is found in about a third of all men and can pre-dispose them to violent and aggressive behavior.

The warrior gene is the focus of a new show on tonight called "born to Rage." It's hosted by my favorite Dj/actor/punk rock hero Henry Rollins. Take a listen to my interview with him.