Kyle Gass' Trainwreck

I'm a big fan of guys who can rock AND crack me up at the same time. Which is why I've always been a fan of Kyle Gass. You may know him as the more balding half of the duo Tenacious D (also featuring Jack Black).

For years, Kyle has had a side project, a band called Trainwreck. I hadn't heard much about them, but when I saw the video for their tune "Brodeo." I knew they were worth checking out:

I have the good fortune of interviewing Mr. Gass this afternoon. Listen for it today on "All Things Considered." I hope to chat with him about the new company the band is signed on with... the one that doesn't even sell CDs!

Oh, and if you want me to ask Kyle, aka Klip Calhoun, a question, feel free to post one below.


Pledge NOW and win a pair of LA Derby Doll VIP Tickets

So gang... it's go time. Here's the skinny: back when we were gearing up for pledge time, a certain host made a comment about how he and his buddy were the Masters of the Pledge (not to be confused with Masters of the Dance, but close). I happen to think I'm pretty good at this pledge thing. I also think it's unfortunate that you never hear two women fundraising together on KPCC.

Today, all that changes.

From 3:00 - 5:30 pm, KPCC's Molly Peterson and I will be asking for your help. If we get more folks to call in to 866-888-5722 or donate online at we WIN! What do we win? Nothing more than bragging rights as far as I know. But I want those bragging rights, and I want them BADLY!

If you've been listening but haven't become a member yet, NOW is the time. If your membership has lapsed, NOW is the time to renew. And hey, if you have already signed up this membership drive, you can call in with a little extra something something (seriously, we'll take it, even if it's just another ten bucks!) -- that will help us beat these fellas!


Maiden Post

Hi Welcome to my new KPCC blog. For me, blogs are a lot like plants. I love looking at them... I adore their variety. But I'm TERRIBLE at keeping them. I always start off with the best of intentions and lots of water. Then, life inevitably catches up with me, the waterings trickle off and suddenly, I'm left with a dead fern.

This time it's gonna be different. I promise.

Starting today, I'll be posting to this blog from Studio D here at KPCC. I'll make this a place to catch up with all of the day's news - from the big breaking stories to the more offbeat items that you may have missed elsewhere. I'll also share my musings on the latest southern California news and what's happening in the KPCC newsroom. And I'll take requests! Want to know what my favorite sushi bar is or how I know what's going on in traffic? All you gotta do is ask...