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Audio exploration with Moby

In case you didn't know about it, electronica music man extraordinaire, Moby, has a website called Moby Gratis where he posts free music. You can't just download the tracks, but you can preview them, and some are very beautiful. They can be licensed for non-profit use, and could prove to be valuable, particularly for those of us that paint imagery with sound. You have to join to be able to browse, but it's well worth the two minutes.

The audio ranges from deep and relaxing songs, like She's Gone

to dark and grimy, like your walking through an alley on some sort of bender, such as Blue Night

to ethereal and upbeat songs like Open

And finally, one of my favorite songs, Atakte, which elicits the thoughts of a summers day with a cool breeze, as if you were looking at a picture taken on a Holga Camera. Basically, this song wants to be in an Indie Film.

Sound is obviously a very powerful medium in itself. What sorts of emotions do these songs bring out in you?

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