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Outsourcing a City

"Parks and Rec" government hater Ron Swanson should move to Maywood.

Maywood has decided to outsource all its government services. Actually, all its government. The L.A. County Sheriff now does the policing. The nearby city of Bell has taken over a lot of the services, including handing out parking tickets. According to an article in today's New York Times, most everyone in Maywood is pleased as punch.

No pleasure in nearby Bell, though. In fact a lot of the residents there would like to punch their leaders after they failed yesterday to do anything about Bell's chief administrative officer's nearly $800,000 salary. That's more than Mayor Villaraigosa makes ($232,425), more than Governor Schwarzenegger makes ($173,987 - which he declines), and more than President Obama makes ($400,000).

The LAT series on Bell lays it all out.