The Madeleine Brand Show

Chelsea Clinton's Getting Married

Bill and Chelsea on a stroll in 1993

Dear Chelsea,

Just wanted to dash off a quick note to wish you and Marc the best.

Wish we could be there but it's dreadfully humid this time of year in Rhinebeck.

Some quick bits of advice:

  • Don't let Hillary's constant hovering get to you- ALL MOTBs (mothers of the bride) get stressed on their daughter's wedding day.  If she wants stress, tell her to read through those 92,000 Wiki docs!
  • Please don't let Bill linger on stage too long with his sax...people want to dance! (yes, even Doris Kearns Goodwin!)
  • Don't worry about saying "hi" to all 500 guests.  You've had 30 years to perfect that "I'm really intereted in what you're saying about corn subsidies" smile.  Ditch it.  This is YOUR DAY!!

Thinking of you, The Madeleine Brand Show

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