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MAC Attack


Pasadena-based fashion house Rodarte and MAC cosmetics got into big p.r. trouble for their new line of clothes and lipsticks "inspired" by Ciudad Juarez, a grim Mexican factory city that's been the site of lots of killings, rapes and disappearances of young women.

MAC says it will now rename the lipsticks, currently "Quinceanera," "Ghost Town," "Factory," and "Juarez."

If MAC is looking for a new metropolitan muse, may I suggest it look no further than the city of Bell? Sure, it doesn't drip pathos and exploitation and misery...oh, wait, it does.  Bell's mayor is paid around $800,000 and yet Bell residents are among the poorest in southern California. The City Council refused to resign, despite explosive anger from Bell residents who want to clean house. 

MAC, here's your chance to be politically relevant and not look like exploitative, fashion-addled nitwits. Your new line of lipsticks:  "Denial," "Pocket Liner," and my fave: "Bell-y up to the Trough."