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Halloween Rant

When did Halloween go from a one day celebration of corn syrup to a month long affair?

The question occurred to me as I was attending my son's elementary school assembly.  The songs were ALL Halloween themed.  No surprise there- we're a week out.  But one song stood out - it was a clever adaptation of the "12 Days of Christmas" carol...turned into "The 13 Days of Halloween".

As I sat there, I realized that it's been more than 13 days since I've been "celebrating".  My childless neighbors decorated their yard with fake tombstones the first week of October.  My kids have been wearing their costumes around the house for over a week.  And we're well past our first pumpkin.

I went online to do a little digging and found this, the homepage of the Halloween Industry Association.  Anytime there is an Association for a holiday, I get nervous.  I'd do more digging but a big piece of chocolate candy just landed on my desk.