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Time to hang up the Spider-Man tights?

A poster for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Charles Eshelman/Getty ImagesYesterday, another actor in the Spider-Man musical took a spill (video here).The injured list for the 65 million dollar mess is up to four.

My heart is torn.

On the one hand, I love Spider-Man. I collect the comics, I have the action figures, I once wore Spider-Man pajamas to bed every night... not even that long ago. When I heard about this project, I was thrilled.

On the other hand, it's stopped being just a bizarre fiasco and has started getting scary. Christopher Tierney, a stunt actor for the show reportedly fell 30 feet when his harness malfunctioned. He was taken to the hospital and is (thankfully) reported to be in 'good condition'.

When the musical previewed with production flaws, we all laughed. When the first injuries happened, sure, Andy Samberg came on SNL dressed as the web-sliger's 4th under study and quipped: "It's a musical... It happens! You know how many people die every year doing Jersey Boys?"

But I've stopped being amused- now I'm just worried. I want to see Spider-Man meets Glee as much as the next guy who owns a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man 200th anniversary issue in mint condition. But as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Sometimes that means hanging up the tights so no more good guys get hurt.