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Seeking the Total State of the Union Experience

Who doesn't love a good State of the Union speech?

You can check out the seating choices, watch the partisan grimacing and wait to see who goes up to hug the President afterwards... and then there's the speech itself.

But why just watch it?

These days there are countless ways the get the total SOTU experience. Sure, you can live blog, tweet or even watch real-time fact checking of the address. But there are also some more colorful options.

There's the college favorite State of the Union drinking game. If you are a pinot noir fan you can try the politically minded Foreign Policy magazine game. It includes calls to drink like: "If the president fails to mention the municipal and state financial crisis and at least one concrete way of dealing with it (like bankruptcy-like provisions for the states)." What a hoot! The Four Loko crowd may be more interested in this generic SOTUS game that asks you to knock one back when Obama says "hope" or "change."

For the data driven among us you can dig into past speeches using the State of the Union visualizer to see how language in the speech has changed over time. The White House will be using a SOTU visual companion on it's site to offer up stuff like pie charts and graphs to accompany the points the President makes.

And what night would be complete without the State of the Union bingo card? Watch the crowd closesly and you might catch a congressman or senetor playing along. Who knows, maybe Joe Wilson will stand up and shout "bingo!" this time.

How will you be spending the evening?