World Cup Drama

When I wasn't thinking about names for the show this weekend, I was watching the World Cup. While there is no question that these players are supreme athletes...they also appear to be extremely sensitive to the touch. Exhibit A:
Face Injury?

Thanks to everyone who suggested names for the show this weekend. Stay tuned for an updated pic of the white board. ...


Name the Show!

Here's what we have so far on our whiteboard.

Lots of Brand puns, which I'm a little "eh" about. My husband, Joe, loves his idea: "You Are Here."
It looks good, but I'm having a little trouble hearing it on the radio. He might convince me, though. He's quite persuasive:

So now it's your turn. Name our show! A prize is dangling somewhere below the goats' left feet


Madeleine Brand's New Show

Check out this blog to get a behind-the-scenes peek at a show in the making.

As I look at the empty white board, I'm filled with hope, dread, excitement, fear, and that tingly feeling when you eat something really spicy and you don’t know whether those are tears of pleasure or misery.