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Reportings: Yahoo takeover; Foxy Amazon; grocery contract; bad housing market

Fred Schuers ponders the various Yahoo-takeover scenarios: "No investor is more of a threat than hedge-fund powerhouse Daniel Loeb, who has recently acquired 5.2 percent of Yahoo's stock. Loeb has gone after companies he thinks are mis-managed before, but the level of vitriol -- and cash -- he’s throwing at the Yahoo board shows that he’s deadly earnest this time." (The Wrap)


Fresh off its sales-tax deal with California, Amazon lines up more streaming options from 20th Century Fox. The LA Times, unfortunately, has no details on the money involved. But then again, neither does anybody else. "News Corp.'s 20th Century Fox has reached a licensing deal that adds about 2,000 films and television shows from its library to's instant streaming service, bringing to 11,000 the number of titles available through Amazon Prime." (LAT)


Some details of the contract that UFCW and the Big Three SoCal grocery stores negotiated in their new contract are trickling out: "Members of United Food and Commercial Workers will be going to work today in anticipation of paying about $7 per week for individual health insurance under a new three-year contract ratified Saturday." (


More carnage in the national housing market. The August numbers are in, and they represent a six-month low: "New-homes sales are on pace for the worst year since the government began keeping records a half century ago." (AP, via LAT)


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