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Backtrack: All the Hermanomics you can handle

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Yesterday, the Patt Morrison Show took a closer look at Herman Cain's now-celebrated 9-9-9 plan. If you're curious about how a flat income, sales, and corporate tax would all work together, check out my post on the topic:

What's wrong with Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan?

And if that's not enough Hermanomics for you, I've also provided a useful rundown on his plan to reform Social Security along the lines of what he calls the "Chilean Model":

Herman Cain says his plan to reform Social Security worked for Chile, but can it work in the USA?

There's no question that with his mantra-like tax plan, Cain has captured the attention of his opponents in the Republican presidental-candidate race, as well as the national media and no small number of voters — and taxpayers — who find taxes bewildering and would like an easy fix.

Bottom line, however, is that Cain's plans for tax and Social Security reform are at least questionable and at worse simply bad ideas. 9-9-9 has now had its moment in the sun. I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before the Chilean Model re-enters the picture.

If Cain can stay in the race.

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