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EVENT: Venture Capital in Southern California: Catching Up and Going Beyond

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Just a blogger service announcement: tomorrow night, I'll be moderating a panel on venture capital in Southern California at KPCC's Crawford Family Forum. The title says it all: "Venture Capital in Southern California: Catching Up and Going Beyond."

The Southern California region is bumping along in fifth place nationally, where venture capital funding for new businesses is conerned. Texas enjoyed a surge in the third quarter of 2011 (according the PWC MoneyTree Report), otherwise we'd be in fourth place, behind the New York Metro area an New England. Silicon Valley, of course, has a very big lead.

The panel will be talking about how to close that gap and grow various types of startup investment in SoCal. 

Benjamin Kuo, who publishes socalTech, will be joining us, as will Nate Remond from Rustic Canyon Partners and Alex Maleki from Idealab's New Ventures Group

More information is available at the Crawford Family Forum site here. You can also RSVP online!

The discussion should be lively. Although SoCal might have a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to competing with NoCal, we certainly have a well-established ventures community here, with plenty of opinions and ideas to offer.

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