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Google Goggles are for New York City hipsters

A ukelele? Seriously? 

Well, Google has produced a teaser video for the Google Goggles that broke cover a little while back. It stars some dude living in New York who wears his Google Goggles as he meanders through his hipster New York day, culminating a sunset serenade with the aforementioned ukelele, by video chat, with a dudette who I'm just going to assume isn't his sister.

These things are for real, by the way. Google co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted wearing a pair. Apparently, he was doing Google-y with them on.

In fact, as silly as the Google Googles initially seem (or as creepy, depending on your point of view), wearable consumer electronics are probably going to be the Next Big Thing. The video makes the case in a quietly convincing manner, by deploying various Google technologies through an always-on wearable device that narrows the physical gap between user and online interface.

Wonder if Apple is working on something similar...

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