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DeBord Report on 'America Now with Andy Dean,' April 13 edition


Listen in above to my weekly business and economy segment on "America Now with Andy Dean." Last Friday — Friday the 13th, no less! — Andy and I wrangled over some his favorite topics and a few of mine. Talking about the extra days that taxpayers will have to file this year yielded some lively banter about Mitt Romney and a set-up to talk about the Buffett Rule and capital gains. 

A bit later, Andy was able to vent about public-sector pensions and unions, while I was able to make the point that...he's a got a point, and that we're going to have to develop new ways to administer these benefits, given that big pension funds, like Calpers in California, aren't going to be able to meet the 7-8 percent targets for returns on investments.

We even got to spend some time discussing Google's stock split, which is either moderately evil or sort of desperate, depending on your point of view. And by the way, I agree with Andy that YouTube's lack of "conservative" channels in a new roll-out is a problem (Google owns YouTube). Conservatives provide great entertainment and it's a miss for YouTube to fail to include them, if that's YouTube's intention.

A full half-hour, basically. We'll be off this week by the way, so no debate in April 20. But we're returning the following week at 4 p.m. Pacific Time.

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