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For Facebook IPO, Twitter was the superstar

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If you wanted to follow the Facebook IPO today and get the kind of crisp insight that helped you understand what was going on and maybe develop a few storylines, you wouldn't have turned to Facebook itself, nor would you have stayed glued to CNBC, which seemed to playing catchup with...


Yes, Twitter, that other kindasorta social network that's really an (increasingly mobile) breaking news and opinion service. 

Twitter is sometimes seen as a sad stepchild to lordly Facebook, but despite the intense levels of engagement that some generate on Facebook, when stuff is happening in the world, Twitter shines.

I went on the "Patt Morrison" show right after the markets closed and basically kept myself informed in the postgame not by studying the subtitled in-studio comments of Erin Burnett on CNN but by keeping one eye on my BlackBerry's Twitter feed, which was churning out real-time 140-word analysis.

This is just the latest and most intense experience I've had with Twitter, which I've used to "watch" sporting events in the past. I had not yet observed a major IPO on Twitter. And while Facebook's IPO might has been a bit of a flop, it could be time to look toward Twitter's with anticipation.

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