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DeBord Report on 'America Now with Andy Dean,' June 15 edition

A lot of politics in my weekly business and economic rundown with Andy Dean on "America Now." But also some talk of escaping the financial disaster area that is California for another place with an ocean but far less onerous taxes: Florida. As well as a chance for me to talk about Elon Musk's commencement address at Caltech, which I covered last week.

The politics: There's a view these days that President Obama's attempts to brand Mitt Romney as a financial elitist due to his record at Bain Capital didn't work an that Obama is now running against not Romney but the previous Republican President, George W. Bush. This is probably true, and it's created a whiff of desperation in the Obama campaign. It also isn't going to work, so expect another Obama pivot until he finds something that can make Romney look like Bush III.

We also got into the generous amount of time that Obama is spending with Hollywood donors, both in California and on the East Coast. I think there's a simple explanation: He needs to get more money out of the entertainment business, to make of for the Wall Street money he could count on last time around, but is now losing to Romney.

A good, snappy segment. Give it a listen, and tune in live this Friday at 4 p.m. Pacific Time to hear Andy and myself rev up the debate machine again.

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