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VIDEO: So you want to start a company?

Matt DeBord explains how to become a billionaire.
Matt DeBord explains how to become a billionaire.
Jonathan Benn/KPCC

People start businesses for lots of reasons. They crave entrepreneurship, they cherish independence, they want to change the world, they hope to get rich, they believe that they have a business idea or a product or service that deserves to get to market. 

Some just want to get the private jet and the second yacht and the third home. 

Some could care less about the money and are basically ill-suited to punch the clock for anyone but themselves.

But no matter what the motive, anyone who wants to start a business has a fundamental need: Money!

KPCC's terrific video team — and new addition Jonathan Benn, who's a talented young animator — and I put together the explainer above. It has a startup-y emphasis: This is how you launch a company that might follow the pattern of a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. But the general idea — that funding is essential for you to grow and thrive — applies to any kind of new business.

I lived this myself more than a decade ago, when I took a shot at starting a magazine (in the pre-dotcom era). There's nothing easy about it, you can't expect to get rich, and you always seem to need more money.

But maybe you don't agree. Maybe you think there are more important things than money when tackling the challenge of entrepreneurship (especially in a down economy). Let me hear about it in the comments.

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