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DeBord Report on 'America Now with Andy Dean,' July 27 edition

Listen in to the DeBord Report, from last Friday's segment.
Listen in to the DeBord Report, from last Friday's segment.

Listen in to my weekly business and economy segment with the exceptionally well-prepared Andy Dean (we actually discuss how well-prepared he is during the segment). We spend some time at the top discussing the lousy growth numbers that the government put out last week, then we segue into a conversation about the worsening drought in the U.S. The second topic really disturbs me because the agricultural sector has been doing well in the sluggish recovery we're experiencing. The other heroic player has been the auto industry. But if farmers struggle, we'll lose that positive story (in a sea of negative stories), and that's not good.

We also get into Facebook and its increasing troubles. And Andy raises a good point about CEO Mark Zuckerberg not quite bringing it in the new world of Facebook as a public company.

And if that's not enough, we wrap it all up with some memories of how bad a job Larry King did at preparing for his show on CNN — memories that include Jerry Seinfeld!

Plenty of lively banter, as usual. And join us this Friday live at 4 p.m. Pacific Time for this week's segment.

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