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More modest home price increases for Los Angeles

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Real estate and business information service CoreLogic has released June housing data, and for Los Angeles, the story is much the same as what we learned from the most recent Case-Shiller index. Year-over-year, national home prices were up 2.5; they increased 1.3 percent from May.

In what CoreLogic calls "Core Based Statistical Areas," the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale region, prices were up very slightly year-over-year in June: 0.8 percent. Factoring in distressed sales, of which there's no shortage in the area, prices are up rather more, 3.5 percent.

The most recent Case-Shiller data is for May (Case-Shiller lags most other indices), but it also shows modest price upticks for Los Angeles, one of the 20 cities the index tracks. 

Overall this a is good news, although it's also important to note the CoreLogic reports that California had one of the nation's steepest price declines during the housing collapse: almost 40 percent.

California's price increase for June, at 2.2 percent, almost matched the nations and was in the middle of the pack for U.S. states.

This is tentative evidence that the U.S. housing market is at least trying to find a bottom for prices. In California and Los Angeles, we seem to be bumping along a bottom. The next few months will be important, as housing data always lags and the summer tends to be a good time for home buying.

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