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Coffee in the workplace: Who drinks the most?

Coffee. It's what America drinks when it drinks at work.
Coffee. It's what America drinks when it drinks at work. Ryoko Iwata

Ryoko Iwata — who runs the aptly named "I Love Coffee" site — put togetther the nifty chart above that breaks down the yearly Dunkin' Donuts/CareerBuilder survey of coffee consumption in the workplace. 

The revelation here is that...there is no revelation! Those jobs that one might think would require a lot of coffee intake — do! Writers, professors, and finacial professionals all make the top ten. Also, according to the survey, nearly half of U.S. workers say that without coffee, the economy would grind (Hah! Get it?) to a halt.

However, as Iwata herself points out, "IT workers, such as programmers and web designers, weren't on this list." Her commenters quickly pointed out that computer geeks get their caffeine from other, non-coffee sources. That sounds about right.

I completely sold on the "six cups of coffee a day will keep you from being dead" argument. I should probably work some water in there, but really, it's a lot more fun to drink coffee. Now if I could just score one of the mega-mugs with a new KPCC logo that we dispensed during our last pledge drive...

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