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Q&A: What is Amazon unveiling tomorrow in Santa Monica?

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All Amazon has done is invite the media to an event at a hanger at the Santa Monica airport tomorrow morning. But chances are pretty good that we're going to be seeing some tablets. This won't be like the similarly mysterious Microsoft event in June at which we were introduced to the technology giant's first-ever ready-for-market tablet, Surface. Amazon already has Kindles and Kindle Fires. So what are we likely to see?

Q: Will we get a bigger Kindle Fire?

A: Nope. CNET already reported that a Kindle Fire Big isn't in Amazon's immediate future. Rather, the company will be updating the current Kindle Fire with a new model and introducing a second model. Both will be 7-inch tablets. 

Q: Does it really make sense for Amazon to treat this as a media event?

A: Apple has an iPad Mini and the new iPhone 5 coming soon. The iPad Mini will hit in October and the iPhone arrives this month. Microsoft just planted its stake with Surface and then there are all the Android tablets that aren't Kindle Fires (which is built on Android but customized for Amazon). Amazon needs to stay in the game here. 

Q: Bezos?

A: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer led the Surface event, so it stands to reason that we'll see Jeff Bezos In Santa Monica tomorrow.

Q: Are new Kindles really anything to get excited about?

A: Sort of. The Kindle Fire continues to be the only non-iPad tablet in the market that threatens Apple's near monopoly on tablet mindshare. And the original Kindle, now produced in several variations, defines the e-reader market. So Amazon needs to support the hardware with a certain amount of pageantry, even the business plan is to provide a relatively inexpensive technology platform with which to buy stuff from Amazon: books, movies, etc.

Q: Will DeBord Report be tweeting the event?

A: He will! LIVE! Follow along at the Twitter handles below.

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