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Reportings: Money for Mitt, rich butlers, BlackBerry 10, Social Security is solvent

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Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan go in seach of Wall Street money, with cocktails and photo ops at a Hilton in New York: "[A] batch of hedge fund and private equity bigwigs show up on the list, underscoring the broad and deep backing that Mr. Romney is receiving from the upper echelons of Wall Street." (DealBook)


Make more stuff, people! Retail sales in September beat expectations: "[D]ata show that 'consumers are out in force, buying everything that isn’t nailed down.'" (LATimes)


How not to make money: "Endowments and foundations had the worst returns of any class of institutional investor in the year through June, gaining 0.37 percent." (Bloomberg)


A venture capital goes to the Interwebs for a new brand identity — and doesn't do it on spec: "[E]veryone creating new work for this project will be compensated — not just the one winner who will carry out our complete brand identity." (USV)


If Obama wins, butlers may not get a tax cut: "A world-class butler can earn up to...$240, bonus, separate living accommodation and all expenses. If a wealthy client finds you indispensable...a butler can "demand almost anything" to stay put. (Business Insider)


Is you want to work at Goldman Sachs, don't get a salad if the desk wants a salad: "He opened the container, looked at the salad, looked up at the kid, closed the container, and threw it in the trash." (Dealbreaker)


Brad Hill on BlackBerry 10: "[F]or workplace wonks who value hard-bitten mobile email and physical keyboards over big touch screens and multiple Twitter apps, RIM seems to be stepping up as a champion that will make the two worlds collide." (Engadget)


Mark Cuban sees himself in Mitt: "Governor Romney is a deal maker who has extreme confidence in his ability to get his deals done." (Blog Maverick)


Whew! "[T]he fact is that Social Security isn't going bankrupt, nor is bankruptcy really possible as the system is currently set up." (Daily Finance/Motley Fool)

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