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From Warren Buffett to California home prices: the DeBord Report hits 1,000 posts

The DeBord Report has hit a milestone: 1,000 posts.
The DeBord Report has hit a milestone: 1,000 posts.

We started this blog at on August 16 of last year with a post about Warren Buffett and his view that the rich should pay more in taxes, an argument that ultimately became a central factor in the Presidential election. On this post-Election Day 2012, with a quick take on September California home prices, we hit our first major milestone: 1,000 posts. 

In between, I've covered a lot of ground - from the Solyndra bankruptcy to Bitcoin debates to the bad business of porn. From the jobs crisis to the housing crisis to the venture capital crisis and CalPERS. From why Hollywood and Silicon Valley can't get along to all things Apple and how Los Angeles is become a U.S. center of microlending. I spoke with economists. Lots and lots of economists. I tracked Republicans and their tax plans and Democrats and their tax plans. But I also kept watch on whole California cities going out of business, a baseball team being sold for billions, Facebook's failures, foreclosures galore, and the ascent of the Los Angeles libertarian. SpaceX sent rockets into orbit, JPL sent a nuclear-powered robot tank to Mars, and Disney bought "Star Wars." Occupy L.A. ... occupied L.A.!

And I posted charts. Plenty of charts.

Also, I hosted DeBord Report Live at the Crawford Family Forum, and showed up often on "AirTalk," "Patt Morrison," "Take Two" and "Off-Ramp."

I'm reasonably certain the DeBord Report has hit 1,000 posts. There could be some margin for error in there because of the way our content management system works. But I think the probability is more than 90 percent.

Okay, enough celebrating. Onward to 2,000! If you have any requests, please take it to the comments! 

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