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Photos: LA Auto Show highlights include Ford's new Fiesta, concepts from Honda and Nissan, the improved GT-R

LA Auto Show - 19

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

Ford's redesigned 2014 Fiesta at the LA Auto Show. There a 3-cylinder engine under that snout. That's right, a 3-cylinder engine.

LA Auto Show - 18

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

The new Ford Fiesta retains the compact Euro-hatchback design that makes it a winner for versatility. It's half small car, half wagon.

LA Auto Show - 4

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

Nissan's Hi-Cross Concept crossover. It's a small crossover SUV with the bold styling that has become a hallmark of Nissan vehicles.

LA Auto Show - 6

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

A single piece of glass spans from the windshield to the rear hatch on Nissan's Hi-Cross Concept vehicle. Let the sun and moonshine in!

LA Auto Show - 13

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

Honda Accord's plug-in hybrid vehicle on display at the LA Auto Show. The evolution of the ever-popular sedan continues.

LA Auto Show - 8

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

Honda's EV-Ster electric concept car. In fact, it's really and electric concept roadster — and it looks like something a kid who really, really likes space ships would dream up.

LA Auto Show - 7

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

The Honda EV-Ster Concept is an electric car with a throwback roadster vibe. If you're throwing back to the 23rd century and like to hang out with space aliens.

LA Auto Show - 9

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

The interior of Honda's electric concept car EV-Ster. Look Ma, no steering wheel!

LA Auto Show - 1

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

2014 Nissan GT-R at the LA Auto Show. It's not a brave new look for Nissan's 545-horsepower supercar. But it's still a GT-R. And it's still Godzilla.

LA Auto Show - 3

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

Inside, the 2014 Nissan GT-R finally shows some manners. But don't be fooled! All that stitched leather hides a cruel heart that wants to do nothing but go very, very fast.

LA Auto Show - 2

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

The Nissan GT-R doesn't like speed bumps. Doesn't like them at all.

Earlier  Wednesday, I blogged about how the 2012 L.A. Auto Show is less about green cars and concept cars than it is about cars as rolling platforms for smartphones and apps. But that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of save-the-world and see-the-future cars in the mix (as well as one or two rides designed to frighten small animals)! It wouldn't be the L.A. Auto Show without them!

Flip through the slide show for some highlights of the good, the bad, and the high-concept.


2014 Ford Fiesta

The redesign of Ford's popular subcompact comes with an interesting new wrinkle: a 1-liter, 3-cylinder turbocharged version. That's just one more cylinder than a lot of motorcycles. The turbo — Ford calls it EcoBoost — squeezes more power of of engines that are highly fuel-efficient. The styling may be a bit too Euro-hatchback for a lot of Americans, but the trend of smaller engines delivering the same power, performance, and comfort of their larger siblings isn't just a trend a this year's auto show. It's a trend in the entire auto industry.

2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid

Not a tough call here for Honda. Take one of the world's most popular sedans, hybridize it, and then throw in plug-in capability, so that short-hop drivers can recharge at night and burn as little actual gas as possible. Plug-in hybrids usually don't look a lot different from their gas or straight hybrid cousins, and the Accord is no different. It's a sedan. It's a four-door car with wheels and windows and seats. It gets the job done. And now you can plug it into the electrical grid.


Nissan Hi-Cross Concept

Nissan, a carmaker that was early to the crossover SUV segment with its Murano in the early 2000s, pulled the cover off this concept crossover at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year. It's a compact crossover, with a pair of proposed engines and drivetrains, both small 4-cylinder powerplants. One gets a turbocharger for extra oomph. It has three rows of seating and so theoretically can accommodate seven passengers. And the way things go with Nissan and its bold designs, something similar to this concept could actually soon be spotted on the freeway.

Honda EV-Ster Concept

It looks like something a sci-fi obsessed teen would think up, but it also represents a daring mashup of several different automotive ideas: compact, electric, and convertible. Effectively, it's a high-concept electric roadster, with all the usual "you'll never see this in the real world" concept car flourishes, such as the twin-lever steering system replacing the traditional steering wheel. Don't expect to see it on a real road, but also envision future small Hondas borrowing the styling cues.


2014 Nissan GT-R

Nissan has updated its bad, bad, oh-so bad snarling supercar, nicknamed (aptly) "Godzilla," with a few performance modifications intended to tide GT-R lovers over until a full redesign lands in a couple of years. 500-plus horsepower from a V6 engine sporting twin turbochargers continues to be nothing to scoff at. So don't. Or you'll make it mad. And you don't want to make the GT-R mad.

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