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Want tickets to the BCS Championship or Rose Bowl? It pays to wait

6855 full
6855 full

Two of college football’s biggest bowl games will be played in Pasadena next month, the BCS Championship on January 6, and of course the 100th annual Rose Bowl on New Years Day.

Both games are already sold-out, but in the ticket resale market, prices are going in opposite directions compared to last year, according to TiqIQ, a ticket reseller based in New York.

This year’s championship features number one Florida State versus number two Auburn, an interesting match-up to be sure, but nothing like last year, when the title game was played in Miami between two of most storied schools in college football – Notre Dame and Alabama.

Tickets for that game – an Alabama rout as it turned out - would have set you back an average of $2,811.32 at this time last year. This year, they’re going for 35 percent less.

There’s an even bigger drop for the cheapest tickets – known as the “get-in price.” Last year, the most inexpensive ticket at this time was $1,455 compared to $855 now.

Aside from a less storied match-up, there’s another factor lowering prices: The distance fans have to travel.

“Both teams will be travelling from basically the East Coast,” said Chris Matcovich, Vice-President of Data and Communications at TiqiIQ. “Last year, Miami was a flight away from Notre Dame. Alabama fans could have driven if they were interested.”

A different story for The Rose Bowl

The average ticket for The Rose Bowl is going for $900, which is a whopping 112 percent pricier than last year.

The cheapest ticket is $279, which is 37.44 percent more expensive than last year.

You can thank – or blame – a more intriguing match-up: Stanford versus Michigan State.

The 2013 Rose Bowl featured Stanford and Wisconsin.

If you still want to go to either the BCS Championship or The Rose Bowl, Matcovich recommends patience.

“I would definitely for these events wait until closer to game time, said Matcovich.

Last year, tickets for The BCS Championship could be had right before kickoff for an average of $1496.81, a 47 percent decrease from when the match-ups were set.

Matcovich recommends out of town fans worry first about lodging and airfare, and then figure out tickets.

There’s also another option: Watching the games on ESPN, for the price of a cable subscription.

This post has been revised to reflect that the 2013 Rose Bowl was played between Stanford and Wisconsin. 

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