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Forbes: Dodgers' value increased 24 percent

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are now valued at $2 billion, 24-percent more than what they were worth last year, according to Forbes' latest valuation of Major League Baseball teams.

Interestingly, $2 billion is roughly what the team was purchased for two years ago, at a price that many lambasted as wildly inflated. 

"It's the craziest deal ever; it makes no sense. That's why you saw so many groups drop out," Mark Rosentraub, a University of Michigan sports management professor told ESPN after the sale. "I don't get it. The numbers just don't work. It doesn't make business sense."

Forbes says much of the increase in valuation can be attributed to the Dodgers' $8.35 billion, 25-year deal with Time Warner Cable. While it has proven to be a windfall for the team, helping them to assemble baseball's most expensive roster, the Time Warner deal is less popular with fans, because about 70 percent of Los Angeles residents can't see Dodgers games on TV due to the fact that Time Warner hasn't been able to strike deals with any major TV providers. 

Providers such as DirecTV have complained that Time Warner is asking for too much money, but given how much  they shelled out and the rich guarantees they made to the Dodgers, you can see why Time Warner has been slow to budge on the subscriber fee.

The New York Yankees remain the most valuable team in Major League Baseball, with a value of $500 million more than the Dodgers, which is a 9-percent increase from last year, according to Forbes. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim came in at #10, with a valuation of $775 million. 

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