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At home opener, Dodger fans not sure who to blame in Time Warner dispute

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With the Dodgers’ new cable channel only available in only about a third of Los Angeles homes, Friday's home-opener brought an added appeal for many fans: A chance to see a team they’ve missed out getting on TV. 

I talked to a random sampling of fans at Dodger Stadium. None of them get the Dodgers Channel, but most of them aren’t sure who to be mad at.

“I haven’t paid enough attention to assign blame either way," said Bill Child of Long Beach. "I’m sure there’s a good argument on both sides. I’m just fed up and want to see my Dodgers.”

But some fans are taking sides, like Gilda Lopez, who’s says Time Warner is being greedy.

“They seem to really want a lot," said Lopez.  "I think it’s a tactic to encourage fans to switch to Time Warner, but I’m not doing that.”

For fans like Lopez it’s back to the days of Babe Ruth; Catch the game on the radio, or in-person. Lopez is trying to make the most of it. 

“I grew up at a time when you could listen to the game by radio, so I’m reliving those days," said Lopez. "Right now it’s all about AM. "You can’t have it better than listening to Vin, at least for the first three innings”

As it turns out, the home-opener got so ugly at times that some fans may have been happy not have to have watched the Dodgers get drubbed 8-4. 

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